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Hi All

During the last eight weeks, I have had reasonable success with my weight loss. (14st 1lb down, in various steps, to 12st 13lbs.

My concern is that over the weeks I have found it difficult to reach the minimum calorie intake. I am eating well, I think, and most days I feel well fed, but on other occasions, I exceed my intake by 3 -4 hundred calories and do not feel overfed.

I am looking for comments as to how I can achieve a more consistent intake. I am aware that increasing my intake may slow down my weight loss but so be it as long as I keep healthy.


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9 Replies

  • Bighi well done on your weight loss, very impressed.

    You don't say what types of food you eat but I would always go for whole natural ingredients i.e. full-fat milk, olive/rapeseed (wish they didn't call it that) oil, whole grains etc and cook from ingredients rather than use processed foods. However, you may well be doing all of that.

    Do you keep a food diary so that you can look at what you ate when you felt well fed and when you didn't? Also have you looked at energy expenditure on the different days?

    You are losing lots of weight so the big picture looks good.

  • Thanks, Ceals for your advice. I tend to avoid a majority of processed foods as I prefer to cook from scratch. At present, I do not keep a food diary but do religiously keep a check on my calorie intake. I exercise three times a week and I check to see if there is any correlation between the intake and exercise.


  • Hello Bighi 😊

    Keeping a food diary is a good start, but as long as over the week you are within limits I wouldn't worry. Some days I eat less than others, it varies depending upon how busy I've been, how much exercise etc I'm just hungrier on some days than others.

    But food quality is important too, and some foods like protein have higher satiety so you will feel less hungry.

    Hope this helps? I'm sure others will have advice too 😊

  • Thank you for your advice. I will start with a food diary/exercise diary and see and see if there is any correlation.

  • Well done on losing 16lbs... I've been trying to eat sensibly since beginning of the year and still only lost 12.5lbs

  • 12.5lbs is a fantastic loss. I look at losses in terms of kilo bags of sugar and that's 5 and a half bags of sugar you don't have to carry around all day, each day. That's definitely something to celebrate. :) :) :)

  • Thanks tigerr! So true...

  • Hi becca9486, I have been doing more exercise than I was last year and maybe that has helped me. Remember that all loss is a good loss and that not every person will lose at the same rate.

  • Ok..thank you

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