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Finally Admitted the Problem

Hi all,

First time posting here, I've started trying to lose weight properly since last Thursday after several years of denying I was THAT bad. Took a rather rude comment from a stranger on the street to admit I needed to actually do something. Not a pleasant experience!

I'm doing the couch to 5k challenge at the moment and after doing only 2 of the days I can really tell just how absurdly out of shape I was when I started! Actually came as a bit of a nasty surprise to be honest.

I am glad to find a community that seems positive and supportive through the process though as I've been having a bit of a miserable time with my family at the moment. Despite knowing I am now on a strict diet they have been a bit of a nightmare! If I didn't know better I'd say they were trying to sabotage me (they are a little bit on the heavier side themselves too). Just in the last 2 days I have been offered a large bowl of profiteroles with cream, half a large pork pie and been given a full fat milk latte with extra sugar. I have resisted all of them so far but I really have no idea why they are doing this. Its not making me feel very supported!

Anyway this isn't a sob story, it has been less than a week but I couldnt resist a weigh in the other day anyway and I've already lost about 4lbs. Quite happy with that, although my goal is to lose 3 stone so I have a long way to go.

Do you folks do anything in the community you would recommend I start joining to stay motivated? Good progress so far but I am worried I will end up losing steam!

Thanks guys :)

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Hi MamiMeruru :)

Welcome to the forum. :) A massive well done for facing up to your health issues - really, that is sometimes the hardest step, so well done you!! ;)

The second hardest step and as you progress it becomes the hardest step - is to stay motivated! I think it is safe to say we have all had trouble with this at one point or another. One way to help with motivation is to be active on here, it really does help and the members are fantastic! There is a wealth of knowledge and understanding and we're really good cheerleaders - but we're also good commiserators too! :) We are never going to put you down or encourage you to do so either...we all slip up, we all have binges at some point and we all know how easy these things can happen!! :P

Regarding your family - you're not alone with this one either, many of us have experienced this attitude from those closest to us. You've mentioned they are on the bigger side too and I think it might be a case of you're making them aware of their own size and possibly unhealthy lifestyles and they're just not ready to face that yet so by trying to get you to give in they can go back to not thinking about their own issues. This can be done unconsciously and consciously and I think the best way to handle this is to have a heart to heart - explain why losing weight and getting fitter is so important to you and how much you would appreciate it if they would not offer you treats as this would be a great way for them to show their support. If they proceed to continue with offering you treats then I think they must be aware and know exactly what they are doing. In this case it might be worth you taking healthy snacks with you wherever you go and every time someone offers you unhealthy treats you could say 'No, thank you, I have brought some fruit and water. Would you like any?' this not only gives you a really good excuse not to indulge but it also brings the onus back on them and may make them think about their lifestyles or even how unwelcome it is for someone to offer foods to them when they claim to be 'happy' with their weight etc. If they get defensive you simply smile in a reassuring manner and gentle say how you never meant any offense but you thought they might like to share your snack. They can't take that offensively, surely! It really leaves them with not much else to do with regards to sabotaging your diet etc. :D :P ;)

Good luck and take a while browsing the welcome section and all the wonderful tips on here from other members. :)

Sazkia ♥


Hidden super response; great words of wisdom.

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Thank you! :)


Hi and welcome, MamiMeruru :)

Take a look at the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile), read the Welcome Newbie thread, then move through to the challenges, where we hope you'll find at least one that will appeal to you.

Move down to the Topics, to find a variety of threads, collated into specific topics for ease of access and we ask that you also 'file' your own threads, so that others won't miss your important news.

Take a look at the 12 week plan, as a lot of people have been successful with it, making sure to enter your details into the BMI calculator, to get a calorie allowance tailored to your personal requirements. Don't forget to take your starting measurements and a 'before' picture, as they can be very motivating on days that the scales refuse to co-operate.

We run daily weigh-in's and you'd be very welcome to join us. The threads can always be found in the Events section, to the right of the home page, bottom on a mobile.

We've found that to get the best out of this community, we need to be active on the forum, as it's where we exchange information, get motivation and inspiration and make friends. We hope that you'll join us here, regularly, too.

It's only left for me to wish you well on your journey :)

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Good going MamiMeruru, what a great weight loss. Looks to me like you've already slain some demons, those that would see you fail, and you've shown them how strong you are.

To sum up, congrats for ignoring those around you, congrats for your current weight loss to date, congrats for starting the c25k and if you hadn't noticed, you're over halfway to earning your 7lb badge.

Good luck!

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MamiMeruru welcome to the forum. It is a great place to be, you will be so well supported by everyone and I am sure you will do your fair share of supporting too.

Keeping active on here is really good. You will find lots of advice, guidance, hints and tips. Take those that you want and work for you.

We are all here for the same reason so everybody understands the frustrations. It is always good to remember that it took a long time for the weight to gather so it really needs to take a long time to get rid off to make it a sustainable lifestyle change.

Many your weight loss journey an adventure with different food, it is such an exciting opportunity. Good luck.

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