How many calories do I need?

Been on steroids for almost a year and gained 2stone. Confused on what to do for the best was following NHS weight loss programme of 1400 calls per day but then had 'wellbeing check' at work and told that's far too few calories and I should be eating 4 meals a day and 2000 calls??? Told by robbing body of calls it keeps putting down fat stores and I need 1790 cels just to lie in bed and do nothing all day. Can anyone set me straight please?


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10 Replies

  • Hello splodgybum64 and thanks for posting.

    Someone might correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the 1400 cals that you're referring to is a generic number that the NHS webiste mentions. Have you used the NHS BMI calculator

    which will take into account your gender, height, weight and current levels of exercise.

    Hoping that goes someway to helping you.

  • Thanks Tiggerr I did use that and now that I'm heavier than I was it is suggesting 1500 - 2000 but I can't see how eating so many calories can lead to weight loss. I'm going to start again tomorrow, in earnest, and see how I get on.

  • Please follow the link that moreless replied with. Its actually the first time I've read it and its quite an eye opener.

  • Ah, it makes more sense now, thanks everybody be 😀

  • I concur with what Tiggerr has suggested, splodgybum. Have a look at this, for a detailed explanation

  • That's a great link moreless.

  • Thanks

  • great info there moreless .. it does explain a lot !

  • Glad you posted this. I was pondering this issue & had looked at the NHS BMI calculator. I got the same result but was unsure exactly where In the 1500-2000 range I should be. I've followed the link from moreless & done a couple of calculations from the websites. Came up with a 'losing' allowance between 1760 & 1900 so think I'll aim for 1800 & see how I go.

    Hope you're sorted too. Good luck! 🤞🏻

  • Thanks, makes far more sense now.

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