March exercise challenge?

Morning all. I have been asked if I would consider extending the February 150 minute exercise challenge into March (and maybe beyond...). Let me know if you would be interested. I will run them as four week stand alone challenges so you can opt in or out. No pressure, same as February, you are only against yourself in completing 150 mins of exercise a week. I will post totals for February on Wednesday and open the March one then too. Thanks.


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50 Replies

  • Definitely count me in, Newbiewl! It's a fab challenge and certainly keeps me on my toes! :)

  • I'm in for a March Exercise Challenge ☺☺☺ Thank you TheJuggler

  • I'll join you.. I will do the ma h exercise challenge!

  • I'm in TheJuggler, it keeps me focused. Thank you for running it:)

  • Thanks for this challenge for march. Please count me in.

  • Hi TheJuggler, I'm up for the challenge. My body definitely needs it! Thanks :)

  • Yeah.. so does my body.. we tend to think for ourselves and forget how our body must feel!

  • Count me in.

  • I'm in

  • Me too please TheJuggler ...xx

  • Count me in, thank you for doing this! :)

    ♥ Sazkia ♥

  • yes please, I would like to give it a go to give me some motivation!

  • I'd like to join the March one too TheJuggler

    I need more exercise in my life and what a great way to do it!


  • There's no way I can manage 150 minutes a week. I am interested in the challenge, though. It will encourage me to do as much as I can. I'll set myself a manageable target, probably just 60 minutes to start with, and try to increase it gradually.

    I've been putting off doing exercise because I haven't really had any motivation. Hopefully this challenge will give me the nudge I need.

  • Hi. No pressure at all to do 150 the first week. 60 sounds a great starter. Remember you can include walking, gardening, housework, decorating as well as more organised exercise - basically anything that gets you moving! I'm sure you will be surprised to see how the minutes soon add up. Welcome along!

  • I'm the same..lack motivation to do exercise

  • im in x

  • Sounds like a good plan.. 150mins is a good target!!.. it's not like you are asking us to run a marathon!!.. a Zumba class is 45 mins, so after that only another 3 x 15 min walks

  • Great way of looking at it - and you can include strength, stretching, yoga, pilates - you don't have to be pounding the pavements to include time based exercise.

  • Good thinking.. we need each other to give us these wonderful suggestions!

  • Count me in. Again but not a gain hopefully.

  • Same here... hopefully no weight gains... although we are going on holiday next week and we'll I will try and be good... !!?!?!

  • Count me in!

  • Hi there. This is music to my ears. Been waiting for the motivation to kick-start. Thanks and please count me in !!

  • im in

  • Hi can you count me in please? Thanks 😄

  • Great, I have been looking forward to this. Glad you are considering it. Please count me in, it will keep me focused. Thanks for running it.

  • Yes please I need some motivation. many thanks

  • This would be a terrific motivator, especially now the days are (finally!) starting to lengthen - I'll have a crack at it.

  • I'm in too!

  • I'm in as well :)

  • Would definitely like to take part TheJuggler . I tried to join the Feb one but as a very newbie I mess up and was then too late.

    Please tell me what I need to do to join up.

    Thank you Ceals

  • You're never too late to join any of our challenges, Ceals, feel free to pop into any one of them at any time :)

    Newbiewl will post a new thread tomorrow and anyone (including you) that knows how many minutes exercise they did between wed 22nd Feb and today (inclusive) can add their minutes to the thread.

    You're already on the list now, so keep a record of all your exercise that you do, between tomorrow and Tuesday 7th March, inc and then you can add that to next Wednesday's thread :)

    I hope that makes sense to you? Welcome aboard! :)

  • Thanks moreless i will do just that. I was secretly following the Feb challenge anyway and if definitely spurred me on.

  • That's great news, Ceals :)

  • I'm doing it too Ceals, found last months so motivating. Hope the holiday is going well and the weather is kind😊

  • Weather not good lucigret but that is neither here nor there we are having a lovely time, very peaceful. Have to say I am amazing myself with the food choices. No desserts, even refused a spoon of my husband's and he is infamous for not sharing his food!

    Thanks Ceals

  • I think you have run an amazing Challenge for us this month TheJuggler - thank you so much, you have definitely persuaded me to move again.

    And I would love to join you for a new Challenge in March. I need to keep myself more active in this new life of mine.

  • Hi please count me in I did make it for February but missed posting

  • I'd love to join the March exercise challenge. Didn't do the Feb challenge and wondering what I need to do to take part (other than the obvious 150 mins exercise per week!!)

  • Hi Fjb,

    You just need to record all the exercise you do between wed and tue, every week, the aim is to do at least 150 mins per week, but to be encouraged to increase that, if you can, and to maybe be inspired to try something a bit different :)

  • Excellent- count me in!

  • You're already on the spreadsheet, Fjb :)

  • Yes def after being ill most of feb ... Def up for it ... A little 1/4 pound loss this week. But a loss is a loss heading in the right direction. 💕💕

  • Yes please. What do I have to do?

  • You're now on our list, Budvegas :)

    The Juggler will post a new thread, later today and if you know how many minutes exercise you did between last wednesday and today, then record them on the thread. If not, time your exercise this week, Wed to Tue inc. and record them on next month's thread :)

    Good luck and welcome aboard! :)

  • Hi, TheJuggler, where should I post exercise for week 2? Done 515 mins in total - mostly tennis 420, strength 10, walking 85.

  • The new thread will be posted later today, or tomorrow DRS, as it will take into account all of today's minutes :)

  • Thanks - I'll repost on that thread later today, then. Next week I'll be more patient, promise! ;)

  • No probs DRS, we love keen and enthusiastic!! :)

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