When greed takes over :( !

I've been reading through such motivating posts today, and thought my mind was right. NOT!!! I've just had a major meltdown :( !

Had read posts about folks eating almonds etc for snacks so bought myself some mixed nuts. I've eaten the whole 200g bag in one sitting :o :( ! Why did I do that? Didn't really enjoy them because I wolfed them down that fast! Have been doing really well and not snacking at all. Was embarrassed to add the calories into MFP (nearly my whole allowance for the day).

It was so easy to eat all of those nuts, far easier than not eating them!

I so wanted to get my 1 stone badge on Monday. I'm so disappointed in me...xx


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50 Replies

  • Don't beat yourself up! We have all done this, we know how it feels. But with luck, if you were sticking to your calorie limit on all the other days so far, and continue to do so until your next weigh-in day, there's a good chance it WON'T show up on the scales. Take heart, ANewMe2017, you have not ruined anything, it's just a minor blip along the road. Hang on in there!

  • ThanQ, that's good news Trimmerteacher that it might not show up, and I'll be super careful next week...xx

  • Oh dear! But try not to be too mad at yourself, just think what you can learn from it. I have some (very small!) ramekin dishes and force myself to weigh out any snacks etc as I just can't trust myself to eat from the bag!! You say you've been doing well at not snacking on other days, so that's a really positive thing :) Perhaps you might be able to reduce your calories a little over the next day or two to compensate a bit for the extra cals. I'm sure you'll get your one stone badge very soon... :)

  • Never thought about reducing cals to compensate! That's a fab idea josiero cheers...xx

  • It may be that your body actually found something that it needed ANewMe2017, or have you an intolerance to nuts? Try to work out what's going on.

    One thing's for sure, you won't have digested all of the calories because we aren't 100% efficient like a calorimeter, and the fibre will prevent being able to get all of the energy from the food so don't worry too much.

    For the future, maybe have a handful in a dish along with a balanced meal, and put the rest out of reach?

  • But, the thing is Concerned I'm not that bothered about nuts! Crisps are my nemesis and that's why I don't buy them. Don't know what happened today...xx

  • It could be like Concerned said then, your body may actually have needed some nutrient found in those nuts, hence you eating them. You might be okay, this is one blip.

  • Hi some good advice already given I just buy a bag of nuts unsalted and put them into 15g or 20g little bags whatever the measure says on the packet so I just grab a bag and I know what's in it.

    I am sad like this I put 20 x grapes into bags and then freeze them and I freeze portions of soup but at least I don't have to work out the calories every time perhaps I am just being a little lazy lol.

  • Thanks Itsbab , but I won't be buying anymore, not fussed about them. Good idea to weigh and freeze. Can you eat frozen grapes?...xx

  • Yes they are lovely when it's hot in summer someone on here told me about them last summer and 20 grapes = 60 calories

  • I know it is cheaper to buy things in quantities but it is too easy to overeat. I bought a big pit of natural yogurt instead of little ones and had the same problem. The supermarkets sell little portions of nuts, probably best to only have those in the house. Temptation calls us all easily, if you don't have it around you can't eat it. Good luck, don't best yourself up.

  • If it's low-fat yoghurt EllaMidlands that will be your hormones being thrown out of whack.

  • I don't eat low fat alternatives Concerned I eat low carb and I eat natural fat. I have adapted my paleo diet to include natural yogurt as I was worried I wasn't getting enough calcium. I didn't eat the whole yogurt but because it was open I had to go through the whole resistance thing - where as small sealed pots don't call me!

  • My bad, apologies; a lot of supermarkets sell low-fat yoghurt, claiming it to be natural.

  • I know Concerned and they have a load of sugar or fake sugar in, neither of which I eat either. My body is a temple! Lol . Obviously I know I do eat sugar, I know my homemade carrot soup for lunch would have had natural sugar in but we have to eat something.

  • Couldn't agree more EllaMidlands. It's not carbohydrate per se that is bad for us, it's the amount and the poor quality that we've been encouraged to eat.

    My wife bought some 'natural yoghurt' last week, but it only has 1.6 grammes of fat per 100 grammes; it had to have come from semi-skimmed, not whole milk. Did you see the article I posted that found fruit yoghurt 93% insulinogenic, low-fat 'natural' yoghurt 63%, and full-fat Greek yoghurt only 27%? That's a heck of a difference.

  • Love it EllaMidlands we should all see our body as temples.

  • You've done so well EllaMidlands ! Didn't think that nuts would tempt me because I'm not that bothered about them - I was wrong about that one wasn't I...xx

  • Like josiero says, make sure you weigh out everything. I never eat anything that hasn't been pre-weighed. I also add the calories into my excel spreadsheet (in your case MFP) before I eat so that I know how I'm progressing towards my daily limit.

    And like the others are saying... "don't sweat it", I had one particular day when I went over my limit by 50%. It's what you learn from these moments that will be more important.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • Thanks Tiggerr learning all of the time! Mostly that I am not as in control as I would like to be...xx

  • Don't forget that you can freeze nuts, and they are edible straight from the freezer - try it - you could always put them in weighed out containers if you want to be sure of how much you're eating. I love nuts! :-)

  • I don't Zest ! I find them dry, they stick in my teeth, walnuts are bitter, brazils are tasteless and I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to buy them in the first place, let alone sit and cork the whole lot :x ...xx

  • Confession is good for the soul!

    Having a snack attack is fine now and again so at least you didn't get drunk and eat your own body weight in chocolate (not a suggestion either -lol) and most of us are sugar junkies so a bad 5 minutes should not stop you from getting what you want.

    Unthinking eating can be a problem if practised in front of the telly or mentally switch off until you hit the bottom of an empty packet. The little packets are safer in that mode, so if recognise this as a habit then try the small bag/portion option or refuse to eat unless you hit a goal you want to achieve (10,000 steps etc.) so it is a reward.

    I must stop eating Doritos as this must be all my recommended calories for the day are usually in those bags...keep up the fight!

    One day at a time, one meal at a time and good will follow.

  • You're so right ZuperNev we must always own our transgressions!!! I don't like Doritos, but could quite easily eat 20 packets of crisps in one day, so I don't buy them now...xx

  • Smart move on Doritos! Once you take the coating off they taste terrible too - lol.

    20 packet of crisps sounds like you love a snack. More truth from the soul, we all know not to eat them but to err is human. When we remember they are treats and only have them once a week etc then all is good.

    So what nice thing have you promised to do for your body as a kindness to cross out the naughty times?

  • Week 8 Run 3 of the C25k and so ran for 28 mins (2.3 miles). Cycled 8 miles. Those beeping nuts are not going to keep me away from my shiny new badge on Monday - it's being polished as we speak...xx

  • Very shiny and deserved!

  • Confession time, your not the only one, mine was a pkt walnuts, few days back, they were delicious,but my feedback from my body later was words to the effect "Will you ever learn,I dont want all that protein at once" I know what you mean about how you felt after: maybe upset,beat yourself up, guilty even,its a battle,double whammy,so I say that now,I try not to take blame,instead later in the day,analyse what made me eat more than 4 half's,its a toughie,emotions versus habit whatever,its good to text :)

  • I know I was bored ary88 ! Trouble is I couldn't make myself do anything to get out of the boredom, so turned to the blooming nuts, and then felt so cross with myself...xx

  • Hi, you put it like that,I too have boredom and lack of motivation (get up and go)and yet I have plenty of interests,may be in a bit of a rut so to speak.Tomorrows challenge,get a walk in and swim 2pm ,find 3 things yo br happy about.G😊 🎈

  • I wouldn't worry at all. I personally allow myself to eat one horrendous high calorie meal a week. On that day I work out loads to allow myself the extra calories to enjoy something I like. That way I can control myself and not feel guilty. It's all about balance. I try and remind myself that I won't be dieting forever and I need to learn to control the snacking/unhealthy eating now. Also you ate a bag of nuts. And whilst having a surprising amount of calories, they are fantastically beneficial in a lot of other ways. Maybe your body was trying to tell you something. Odds are you won't have gone off track for your 1 stone weight loss goal on Monday. You're doing a fantastic job and you should never be disappointed in yourself xx

  • ThanQ melissajoines90 I'll focus on the protein in the nuts, and try and feel a little better about eating them all. I really hope I haven't gone off track :( . I was aiming for a stone off every couple of months, and only have 1 week left to lose that 1 lb! Will try to get in as much exercise as possible over the next few days, and keep a couple of hundred calories unused each day to compensate for today...xx

  • You're not alone! I really like roasted nuts as well, they're really high in calories. I don't buy them unless I need it for certain recipe. Don't be overly hard on yourself. We are only human. Maybe try not to store food you find difficult to resist but high in calories (I certainly won't store any chorizo, cause I know myself I have to finish the whole thing unless I free it!)

  • That's why I don't buy crisps, because I can't stop eating them. Don't particularly like nuts so certainly won't be buying them anymore...xx

  • These things happen. Those nuts were at least healthier than say a tub of ice-cream or some other high cal, high fat and hi sugar foods. Nuts are hardly the worse thing you could have binged on, so that's something at least! :)

    You might be alright, try fitting in a bit more exercise and try to be good from here on and you might be surprised at your weigh in! :)

    If you have gained then it's still reversible. :) You have about three days before your weigh-in day - you can still try to eat healthy and exercise till then. :D

    Sazkia ;) :)

  • ThanQ Sazkia they've played havoc with my digestive system :o ! I've done some cycling today as well as C25K, and will try and fit something in over the weekend. Any news about you..xx

  • Hi NewMe, We do let ourselves down sometimes, don't we! I have done that SO often, usually with a big bag of crisps, or a whole bar of chocolate; open the wrapper and before you know it, it's empty! So far, since being on the 12 Week Plan I've avoided doing that but I am only in week 2! But I know that feeling, and last night I was actually crying because I REALLY REALLY wanted a bar of chocolate so badly. Fortunately I didn't have any in the house at it was 11pm,

    Can you identify why you ate all the nuts, NewMe? Were you feeling a bit down, and in need of some comfort food? Stress/worry so often seems to be the trigger for overeating and it was certainly the case with me, despite feeling really happy earlier in the day because I'd lost 4lb in the previous week. Anyone got any ideas how to combat the comfort eating?

  • Bored battlethebulge ! Been at home since last April after an accident at work and then being dismissed for medical inefficiency. Don't have neighbours as such, as live in the wilds. If I want to go anywhere I have to take the car and of course that costs money for the diesel, so I just tend to stop at home. Have recently joined the WI but that's only monthly, so this forum has been my saviour since January really...xx

  • Don't be hard on yourself ANewMe2017 we all do daft things. That's all it was, a simple slip up, no crime committed and you have probably developed resolve not to inadvertently do this again. Nuts have very valuable nutrients in them. I often split a bag of nuts into portion sizes and just take the small bag (portion size) from the pantry. A good example is Brazil nuts, two a day is plenty (33 calls each), but really good source of selenium which is a trace element we need (but only in small quantities), it helps repair cell damage, has anti-inflammatory properties and supports our immune system.

    Today is a brand new day that you are only just starting on so make the most of this one. Take care.

  • So vexed with myself Ceals because I don't particularly like nuts :x ! And still would find it incredibly hard to have just 2 Brazils. Will keep moving over the weekend and hopefully the scales will be kind on Monday morning - fingers crossed...xx

  • I had a blip something like this. I knew when I did it it was not what I planned, but a really strong willed internal voice said "well, I'm doing it anyway." Next day I told a friend. She said "give.me a call if that happens". "you don't get it," I told her, "I don't want to be stopped when I'm like that." "Not to stop you, just to be with you while you are in that place." WOW! That really hit home. Eating too much alone, for me, is often very much about feeling alone with something I realized.

  • Yup schuh bored and lonely, that's me most days! Now I'm not angling for sympathy, that's just how it is...xx

  • A moment of madness! You won't do it again so just put it behind you and carry on! With any luck it won't show until next week 😝

  • Hopefully not at all :p ...xx

  • Dont stress too much about it .Its nothing that lots of us havnt done time and time again myself especially ..Usually late at night or when i am home alone ..Onwards and upwards to monday weigh in..And then draw a line under a bad week ..Good luck

  • Loneliness seems to be a common theme Farmhouse88 . Once the weather cheers up, I need to get outside more, won't see anybody, but it'll be a change of scenery...xx

  • Don't beat yourself up things happen if you do beat yourself up you are going to fail. Move on and be extra good.

    Have a good day.

  • Thanks Morag1955 I have had a good day. I've done more exercise in order to combat those blooming nuts...x

  • I just read your post. How are you today?I think the hardest thing is forgiving yourself and putting it behind you. We are all human and we don't have to be perfect. I find having a bag of carrot batons or other veg good to have to hand as it's sometimes just the munching on something helps the pangs pass and also you feel really proud of yourself after. Anyway it was a minor blip take strength from carrying on your weightloss journey it'll be so worth it for your health for your confidence for your energy

  • Very well thanQ Kimscholey ! I've been running and cycling, and am now going to make one of my fave dinners, cod in sauce, veg and mashed potatoes with cheese - just a sprinkling not 100g like before. Nom nom nom, makes my tummy rumble...xx

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