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A year of my life

Well this is week 52 a whole year ,for me on my getting healthy and losing weight programme ,cant believe it ,I am not were I would like to have been but looking back a lot better than 52 weeks ago only 3 lbs short of 2 stone and as much as I wanted to have 3 stone off ,I feel quite pleased with myself , I am a lot fitter and am toning up a bit with the gym . So next 3 months I am hoping for 7-10lbs or more. Holiday looming in June should help with motivation when it flags.

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Hi dish70 - you've made some great progress - Congratulations on being so much fitter and toning up with the gym as well - you've lost almost 2 stone - that is incredible. Great that you've got your holiday to look forward to in June, and I'd like to wish you success with your goal to lose some more weight in the next 3 months. You're doing really well.

Zest :-)


Well done 🎉🎉 keep on going, you can do it 🌻


Great 👍 dedication


Well done, your weight loss and new healthy lifestyle is a great achievement! You should be very pleased with yourself :) I am sure you will reach your new goal and lose another 7lbs before your holiday...


My goodness. Well done on how far you have come. The main aim is to keep going forward. You are doing that. Good luck for the next week.


Please tell me how you have done it. I have 2stone to lose and 0 will power.

I wish I could be like you.


Will power .....mmmmm ! I never realised how big I was getting and then last November realised I had been living in leggings so much my normal clothes did not fit.I organised my self for the first 2 weeks and kept a food diary ,also made myself go to the gym and see a trainer to get a programme made for me an hour 3 times a week. It was hard the first couple of weeks in the gym but I stuck it out (I used to go years ago and was a size 12 so I knew it worked long term) Honestly I kept in mind 1 pair of trousers that I wanted to fit into with not being tight size 18 and wore them on regularly as inches came off they got loser and then they were so loose that is what spurred me on . I have had a lot of down time too and put on ,then stuck for weeks at a time which is why it has taken so long . But I am now a size 16 and feel a lot better I would love to be a 14 but am happy to settle for a 14/16 as you know shops do vary.

Good luck with your effort YOU CAN do it !!!!!x

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Thank you for replying.

I am a size 16 but I need to be a 14 really. I feel so sorry for myself at the moment.

I will give it ago xx


Keep your chin up and take 1 day at a time x


Thank you for all the positive comments xx


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