My version of cauliflower cheese / gratin, 377 calories

My version of cauliflower cheese / gratin, 377 calories

I made this "alternative" to cauliflower cheese tonight, which I enjoyed with mashed swede and carrot. Total was 431 calories and it was delicious! Topped with a couple of slices of crispy streaky bacon...

Preparation Time: 10

Cooking Time: 40


Calories per serving: 377.8


Cauliflower -500g

Mature Cheddar -60g

Pecorino Cheese -40g

Streaky Bacon Smoked -5 Rashers/75g

Full Fat Soft Cheese -100g

Panko Breadcrumbs - 30g

Method: Break raw cauliflower into florets and steam/boil until just tender (I did it in the microwave, 12 minutes, stirring half way through)

Drain and leave to cool. Once cool, stir through the cream cheese and pour into a shallow over proof dish.

Sprinkle over the Pecorino and Cheddar cheeses and finally the breadcrumbs.

Place in a pre-heated oven, 200 degrees for around 40 minutes until golden brown and crispy.

Dry fry the bacon and arrange the slices over the top when serving.

Nutrition Data Per Serving

Calories (kcal)377.8

Carbohydrate (g)12.6

Fat (g)27.1

Fibre (g)3.1

Fruit & Veg2.3

Protein (g)20.7

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28 Replies

  • Wow, looks so professionally. I'm definitely not posting my roast chicken ! :)

  • It was there, and then it was GONE!

    (ssshhh, I nicked the picture from somewhere else.... BUT mine looked just as good!)

  • Ha ha ha that's great :) :)

  • As you may have seen, I do usually manage to take pictures of my food before I demolish it.... but tonight was an exception!

  • Oh yes... panko, cheese, bacon & cauli. I've just eaten and that still sounds like I should eat it right now.

  • Haa haa!!! Sorry! It was so much easier than making a cauliflower cheese and faffing about for hours with sauce stirring. A kind of "bish, bash, bosh" and there it was, done!

    I think the breadcrumbs took it to a whole new dimension!

  • When I'm cooking for myself then 'bish bash bosh' is the only way to go. Started using Panko recently after watching them use it on Aussie MasterChef for years. Hard to see how it can be beaten when crumbing.

  • Is it Jamie Oliver or Joe Wicks who says "bish, bash, bosh"? They made a mint out of it!! Have you got the Lean in 15 cookery book? Lots of quick and healthy one pan recipes. But I think it's obligatory to start doing pull-ups and spotty dogs whilst waiting for it to cook.... :D

  • Jamie methinks. I have a pretty large library of cook books... not one of them has the word 'lean' in the title :(

  • Looks very tasty .

  • I love cauliflower cheese!

  • Very comforting food... and cauliflower seems to be in plentiful supply....

  • That cauliflower and cheese look amazing. Thanks for sharing it here. I definitely have to try this out.

  • 👅 looks yummy!

  • This looks really tasty Pineapple27, will have a go.

  • Hi Pineapple27 , I finally got around to making this today. Really yummy. Its got loads of flavour and of course the panko does just the trick. Didn't have bacon but had it with a salmon fillet and some other veggie.

    My partner, who is a cauli/cheese aficionado really liked it and may well swap from the sauce based one to this. The old lady she looks after also thought it was 'fantastic'.

    Thanks again for posting this, it will definitely be my go to cauli dish :)

  • Awww, thanks Tiggerr for the feedback! Yes, bread brumbs on the top really add that extra special "luxury" touch. No need to miss out on luxury for the sake of weight loss!

  • I am seriously debating trying out a recipe for a cauliflower pizza crust.... Don't generally like pizza (hubbie's favourite) but on Friday we tried a Firezza pizza! The don't have many shops (mostly in London, but one here in Reading too). It was AMAZING! Never had a pizza with cream/creme fraiche on it before, but won't be the last time! The calories, however, we well over 1,200 I estimate (based on similar sounding I found on calorie databases). I only managed 3/4 of it and have frozen the remaining 2 slices clearly marked "SIMONE'S PIZZA!" as if I just wrote "pizza" on it, I know where it would end up.... and it wouldn't be in MY stomach!

    This is the one I am planning to try out....

  • That is really interesting. I'm not a fan of a number of healthy meals but you're currently two for two :)

    I was going to say I'll try it this w/e but my parents are staying so that may be a step too far. I'll go for the following one.


  • I always believe in trying something before dismissing it! I can pride myself on having eaten a number of things that others wouldn't even consider (blame a French Mum!). Snails, frogs legs, rabbit... and the only thing that I NEVER, EVER want to eat EVER again..... tripe! Urrghhhhh.... Would rather eat a McDonalds (and that is saying something!)

  • Another dish we've enjoyed a few times are lentil and grated carrot meatballs if you are interested in the recipe?

  • lol about the McDonalds. I love snails (dad is actually bringing a load up with him), frogs' legs and rabbit (I have a great Maltese recipe for rabbit in red wine (lol... blame a Maltese mum)) and have to agree about tripe. I tried it once in Madrid and it looked nice in a tomatoish sauce but I couldn't stomach it.

    Other than the tripe bit, this is making me hungry.

  • "couldn't stomach tripe..." Good one! Let me know about the meat balls! Rabbit is ok, but not much meat and too many bones. Same for frogs legs! We eat ostrich steaks regularly, and we've also tried horse steaks when on holiday in France.

  • Tried it Pineapple27 and it is just delicious. Thank you, as always, for sharing your recipes.

  • this has become a very firm favourite in our house.

  • Pleased everyone is enjoying this recipe! It's so much easier and less time consuming than making a white sauce..... works for macaroni cheese too (made a version of macaroni cheese with added lardons of bacon, fried leeks..... mmmmmmm)

  • By the way, pecorino cheese is like Parmesan, which can replace it in the recipe....

  • This looks yummy :-)

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