Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

Saw this news on mfp. This has been my approach, I started off allowing myself a glass a day, although now I'm at maintenance I find I don't actually want any most days, and indulge on, say, 3 days.

"Research from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston found that women who drank one to two glasses of wine daily gained less weight over 13 years, compared with those who did not drink alcohol—8 pounds versus 5.5 pounds, to be exact."


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15 Replies

  • Sadly... and I'm not sure why, I have gone right off the taste of wine! It happened about a year or 18 months ago. I still have a sip from hubbies glass every so often, but it just tastes awful to me! The only think I like is Prosecco - but that's great as it's probably the healthiest of the lost!

    There was nothing I liked more than a glass of red with some cheese or with a beef casserole (that's on the menu for tonight!)

  • I shouldn't worry, no problem not drinking wine. I suspect the USA survey really found that non-wine drinkers were more inclined to drink sweeter drinks , hence the weight gain difference.

  • Weeel.... it may be that if you experimented more Pineapple27 you'd find some other wines you could over-indulge in!! But much more sensible to stick with prosecco in moderation! Unfortunately, I love pretty much all alcohol... (except tequila which is horrific and should be banned). Though luckily having reduced consumption generally has reduced my tolerance - which has probably improved my health. Here's to finding what works for us all as individuals.

  • I have a French Mum too! Hopefully my taste will change back again in the future... think it's my hormones!

  • Quel horreur pour ta pauvre maman!

  • Une personne demi française qui n'aime pas le vin avec leur repas ... incroyable!

  • Oui, mais come on le dit la- bas, " chacun a son gout! " . Have a great weekend !

  • I had to look that one up!

  • je suis contente d'avoir trouvé une autre demi-française qui n'aime pas trop le vin! ni le fromage... :(

  • J'aime beaucoup le fromage 🧀

  • But can they really say that drinking helps you not put on weight? Because one thing is associated with another, this does not mean that one is the cause of the other. Correlation is not causation. (Sorry to be pedantic...)

  • No, I think they're just saying that wine-drinkers put on LESS weight than the other group. My guess is that the other group in the survey either had a taste for beer ( bigger volume) or for fizzy drinks ( high sugar) so consequently gained a bit more weight.

    The whole thing can probably be taken with a pinch of salt 😉

  • The study is from 2010, it's very detailed with several suggestions as to why they got the results they did (age, starting weight, food choices etc). Unfortunately, it's difficult to sumerize that in one sentence. This is a quote from the paper.

    "Our study results suggest that women who have normal body weight and consume a light to moderate amount of alcohol could maintain their drinking habits without gaining excessive weight."

  • I think the key phrase here is "consume a light to moderate amount" , those women are probably consuming food in a similar restrained way. There was a book a bit back about French women not getting fat, I think it was basically about eating and drinking nice things, but not too much of anything.

  • Thank you for that reference. Yes it is very detailed. One point I noticed is the difference between men and women in regard to alcohol and weight. Seems men are more likely to drink in addition to their usual food calories, whereas women are more likely to substitute food /alcohol, and especially reduce carbs.

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