Need to sort my life out

Right - this is it. I've been a yoyo dieter for years and had decided to give up about two years ago and just accept that I'd always be fat. But last week I had a medical scare and the doctor checked my blood pressure and pulse, both of which were way too high and probably caused the other issue. It's finally made me realise that even if I don't care what I look like it's much more important to care about whether I'll be dead before I'm 50! I'd like to get to my retirement!

So I've made a start, I've cut down on alcohol to start with as I know I easily drink 30 units each week and am trying to do things like eat breakfast and not survive off coffee and biscuits until dinner.

Although as I'm a teacher and it's half term it's all well and good this week, but whether once I'm back at work I still manage to keep anything up I don't know!

Next step is to try and add exercise, although I'm scared to do anything too much with a racing pulse anyway as I don't want to make it worse...I already do a gentle walk each day with my dog but need to do something a bit more active! Any suggestions for things that will count as good cardio exercise but without breaking someone who hasn't jogged since they were 15?!

Thanks in advance!


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6 Replies

  • As a teacher a really great thing to introduce to the whole school is the 1 mile walk. At some point in the day, when it suits the learning, a class (each class across the day) walks, or runs, a mile in the school grounds. someone needs to measure just how many timed it for you.s around the playground or whatever that is. This helps with learning and the children generally love it and begin to know when it is right for the to do it. Some schools even encourage parents to do it before school, toddlers love it too. There is a proper organisation behind this, just can't remember who.

    I suggest planning and assessment for learning will be key for you - and positive mindset. You do these things for your pupils, now do it for you

  • Thanks Ceals. I work at a 6th form college so I don't know how successful trying to make grumpy teenagers walk for a mile would be (unless it was to sneak off to the pub!) but will certainly try to get out of my classroom/office a bit more and make sure I don't just sit and mark for hours at a time!

  • Yep 6th formers could be an interesting challenge. Not to worry, always take the longest route through school to where you want to get to. I now work for a Local Authority and am much more desk bound, really miss walking the corridors.

  • Morning BadlyDrawnBadger . love your username by the way.

    I "reward" myself after marking books with half an hour of catch up telly. However, I am on my exercise bike at the same time. Might work? Xx

  • Maybe...I live in a tiny flat so I suspect it would be an exercise bike or the sofa! But might try doing something like a ten min YouTube work out video before the catch up telly, just to add something into the evening.

  • Hi I would get a fitbit too. I teach in a large secondary and find I do 3 to 4 miles every day just walking around school and being on my feet at all times in lessons. That motivates me to get more done so I reach at least 10000 steps before I get home or to the gym.

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