Hypothyroidism and weight loss

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted for a while as all is good in my life since I did the 12 week program two years ago. I have also cut out sugar to the maximum possible. This was hard as sugar is addictive. I stayed clear of low fat stuff (full of sugar), eat a lot more fish and vegetables. I have reduced my carbohydrates intake and also took up running with C25K, which I love. It gives me some "me time" and relaxes me.

Combining the two together - food and running - worked perfectly for me.

I have an under active thyroid and take thyroxine medication. This is supposed to be for the rest of my life. Imagine my surprise when after a blood test, my doctor advised me my medication was too high and needed to be reduced! Yippee! I have now adjusted it by 10% less, had another blood test a few months later, and it is still good at the lower dosage.

This beg the questions :

Did the sugar had any effect on my thyroid and by cutting sugar out my diet I allowed my body to adjust itself?

Did eating sensibly and losing weight has caused my body to adjust itself?

Did the running, relieving the stress thus giving me endorphins and a better mood, helped with healing and my body is adjusting itself?

I mean 10% over two years may not be much at my age but still, it makes me feel good to know. Another two years and another 10%? I am on a winner there I think.

I just thought I would let you know.

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  • Hi nhs2015,

    I have had hypothyroidism for 35 years. Quite rare to develop in in your twenties, quite common post menopause apparently. My dosage has rarely changed in all that time, apart from during pregnancy. I have not had the dosage changed when at my heaviest, then again when I have lost weight. I have to say, I'm not very overweight, it is the same 12lb or so which goes off then comes back on, but I had always assumed that the bigger the body mass, the higher the dose you would need to keep functioning on normal. I'm pretty sure stress has nothing to do with it. And once your thyroid is underfunctioning, that is for life unfortunately.

    That's my take on it anyway. I have never blamed hypothyroidism for my weight gain, I know perfectly well that with me it's portion control (or lack of!)

  • Lovely, positive post. I don't know what the medical reasoning would be behind you being able to reduce thyroid medication, but I do know general health, fitness and mood will always help, it's nice to hear you are feeling good 😊

  • Great news 😊 I am also hoping for similar, or at least a STS as my dose was increasing Year on Year.

    Thank you for sharing

  • My gut feeling is, that a healthy diet and exercise must be good for all of your body and mind and relieves stress on a poorly thyroid gland :)

    Thanks for sharing you story, it's really motivating and inspirational :)

  • That's an interesting question. I don;t know the answer, but could it be simply that you are smaller now? Just as our calorie requirement drops as we lose weight, maybe our requirement for hormone production drops as well, as there is less of us to "service".

    And/or your fitter body may make better use of the thyroxine, so needs less.

    I agree totally with you that food portion control and running is the best for losing weight. It's the only way I can keep my 2.5 stone off. I was very pleased to see on the TV last week an expert saying that there is no truth in the view that running does your knees in, and that it is actually better to keep running as you get older. Music to my ears, as I was dreading the move to aqua aerobics!

  • It is another option. Less weight - less thyroxine? Whatever the reason, I am amazed.

    Running has been very good to me. I am 70, my husband was afraid I would hurt myself. Not only I didn't but if I have a niggle somewhere, I go for a run and it disappears. Like if the action of running put everything back into place. On my running days, I feel better for the rest of the day, full of beans actually.

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