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Any one any pizza ideas

Mollydex4 stone


Having just returned from my lovely 5 mile run , the sky is really blue , I'm feeling great :-) .

My mum who lives with us , is almost 90 and has mobility problems and early dementia is just telling me that she wants pizza for her tea this evening :-) ( the power of tv ads ) , so just wondering if anyone out there can give me any top tips on home made pizzas that are not overwhelmed in cholesterol and calories

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Low fat cheese, don't use processed meats. Don't eat too much. But enjoy!!

Hi. I've made some really nice pizzas with my children using wholemeal pitta breads, tomato sauce/passatta and topped with cheddar and ham for them (you could use reduced fat cheddar - never used it but sure it melts the same). On mine I do mushrooms, onions, peppers, sweetcorn and whatever needs using in the fridge! Have a look at nhs food app or bbc good food for some ideas. I put a load of salad and crudités on the side and dig in!

Mollydex4 stone in reply to TheJuggler

Sounds scrummy

I use pitta bread to make pizza too. Just need to make sure to wet the edges so they don't burn, then I spread with passata (thin), add veg (not too much - eg 2 red onion rings and 2 halves of a cherry tomato), then at the last minute I add cashew butter in place of cheese (as I'm dairy intolerant). It's convincing! 2 pitta pizzas feels luxurious, 1 is often enough though :)

Mollydex4 stone in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

I'm going for the pitta bread


I use a bought pizza dough base, easy to make up. Morrisons pizza dough has 560 calories, but will feed four easily, 140 cal and 7g fat per person. I then fry a finely chopped onion in olive oil till soft, add one tin chopped tomatoes, teaspoon sugar, veg stock cube and pinch of oregano, simmer 20 mins till reduced, allow to cool before spreading on the pizza base. Add topping of choice, we love ham and pineapple, and cover with grated cheese, about 160g, 40g per person is about 150 cal each. Cooks in hot oven in 20 minutes, serve with crispy salad. Yummy! Not too high cholesterol when homemade.

Mollydex4 stone in reply to Trimmerteacher

Delicious X

Make two. They can be different sizes to suit each of your needs. Yours only needs to be large enough to suit your calorie intake. Your mum's can be loaded up with all the yummy things she wants, and so can yours but you can be a bit more calorie-wise at the same time.

Mollydex4 stone in reply to Tiggerr

I'm making 3 as Hubbie as well so each will be a little different X I am getting hungry just reading the replies

There is a really clever cauliflower base, but that may not suit your Mum's digestion??

Mollydex4 stone in reply to Folliegirl

I've seen that , I m thinking of trying that for me , have you tried it ??

Folliegirl in reply to Mollydex

I use cauliflower rice a lot and it's just a twist on that!

my mum's speciality: filo pastry or wholemeal wraps with grilled mediterranean veg (onions, peppers, tomatoes, chicken) with reduced fat mozzarella or lactose-free cheese. so yummy!

p.s. I've just been out for a walk and it's absolutely beautiful isn't it!! Can't fail to be in a good mood in weather like this :)

Mollydex4 stone in reply to hudson95

Filo pastry , what a brill idea!

It's certainly been a lovely day out there 🌞

So longs as you don't put loads of cheese or high fat meats on top it should be fine. A thin crust with tomato sauce (hm using a tin of tomatoes squished and reduced), lean ham, plenty of oregano and a little cheese - really quite a healthy meal!

Mollydex4 stone in reply to Grannynise

How can I say no to such a scrummy healthy meal.

Mollydex4 stone

Thanks everyone. I will let you know what my mother thinks . She has probably forgotten she wants it till the advert comes back on :-)

I am so looking forward to pizza now 🍕🍕


domino do a thin crust- unless youre planning on making it- its about the thinness of a wrap base- pick low calorie options- I know dominoes allows you to find out the calories per slice

Mollydex4 stone in reply to RG07

That's good. I didn't know they did the calories for you as well

RG07Maintainer in reply to Mollydex

i only found out by accident when you make your choice with crust etc in the picture icon there a more info link in the square and you just press it and the calories come up

Use a tortilla wrap as the base instead of the traditional pizza base or pitta base as previously suggested.

Mollydex4 stone in reply to Lynna49

That's a god ideas X

Mollydex4 stone

Hi all

Well the pizza was a huge success , my mother really enjoyed it :-)

I ended up with pitta bread bases , a topping of tinned toms , onion , sliced toms , pepper , mozzarella cheese , olives and oregano , served with rocket on the side

It was lovely 😀🍕😀🍕😀

wakywoo1 stone

A bit late for your meal, but cauliflower pizza is great.

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