I need help. I have woken up this morning feeling very despondent I'm into my 3rd week. I have/had lost just over 5lbs at last weeks weigh in and then had a very busy weekend and ate way too much, which I confessed to. I was straight back on the weight loss wagon on Monday and really upped my exercise for the past two days and have counted my calories and was all set to join the February challenge. This morning I have woken up with a very foggy head (suffer with SAD), I feel very lethargic, partly due I think to overdoing the exercise, legs hurt and I want to sleep. I have just eaten half of the most uninspiring plate of porridge and followed it up with a WW caramel wafer as I have the need for sweet and no fruit in at the moment. I haven't prepared my menu for today which is a little scary for me. Hubbie is away for a couple of days and I just don't know what I want. I'm trying to use whats in the freezer and house instead of buying what I don't need, but none of it appeals. I feel like a truculent child, I want pizza! Off to work in half an hour and then a trip into the supermarket to buy the necessary and some fruit.

I feel as though I have one foot off the wagon, please will you pull me back on.😩


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16 Replies

  • I wish you every success. 5lb loss that's amazing. I'd be happy to lose that in my 1st week. A wee tip don't go shopping hungry & mind a healthy shopping list. Good luck Lucigret

  • Thank you George56 I really appreciate your response. I will only visit the isles I need today, fruit and veg and yoghurt. Wishing you a good day.

  • Morning lucigret

    First of all well done for losing 5lbs in the last 3 weeks that is brilliant. The weight loss journey is not an easy one and we all hit bumps along the road, I know I have this week and I gained a pound!! Lots of us find the weekends to be the hardest time of the week because were doing more things with the family and rushing about so we snack more. Draw a line under what's gone you can't change it, so just move on. New month, new motivation, new you! Your one foot is well on the wagon because your off to the supermarket to buy fruit.

    Start by planning your meals today, if you like porridge in the morning add some berries to it to make it more interesting. Try not to rush into the exercise too quickly, start off slowly and increase it each week. That way you don't injury yourself or end up with your legs hurting. Jump back on the wagon and join the February challenges they work really well for keeping you focused on losing weight and exercising.

    Have a good day.


  • Thankyou YellowRose55, I can't tell you how grateful I am to you and George56 for replying to me this morning. I took George's advice and made sure I shopped healthily. My trolley was full of fruit and veg and some ski mousse's, it looked very healthy and colourful. I had pasta and tomato and garlic sauce for lunch with a little cheese, followed by a mousse and some almonds, all weighed and recorded. I have put some weight on, but will stop stressing about it and as you say draw a line under it and start off a new month. I have signed up to the February challenge and hope to loose 5lbs during February. Thank you again for being there. Have you made the appointment yet to have your hair done Rose?

  • That's great lucigret sound like you have it all planned out now, well done.

    I've not got my hair done yet still decided how much too cut off.

  • It's a bit scary having long hair cut. Had mine done whenI was 16 so along time ago, I could sit on it and went to a short page boy as it was called in those days lol

  • Hi Lucigret hope you're day went well. I've had a good day & a wee walk. The February challenge sounds good! Have a good week. G

  • Morning George56, I thought I had replied to your message yesterday, but I can't have submitted it! The day didn't turn out too bad in the end. No pizza in sight, bought a small trolly load of fruit and veg and have a full fridge now. Feeling so much better this morning. Why don't you join the February challenge as well? Even a wee walk a day will help. I'm glad you had a good day yesterday and here's to another one today. Thank you for your support, it meant a lot yesterday.

  • Good morning you are more than welcome. I'm in the Saturday group. I know that as I lose weight I feel a bit better. Hope you have a super day and enjoy.☺ G

  • Think how far you have come. Do not throw it away. Stay with it. Buy something healthy that you want to eat. Good luck we can do this. Let's stick with it I say this as trying to convince myself too.

  • Thank you Fatsalarde, you are right we can do this, I bought a trolly load of 'healthy' yesterday so my fridge looks very colourful and I feel better about things today, you've got your 7lbs badge, it looks good, keep focused, onwards and downwards. Thank you for posting😀

  • Thank you for your reply lucigret this is so true onwards and downwards 😊

  • Fatsalarde have you joined in with Itsbabs February Challenge? She told me about Leslie Sansomes Happy Walk on youtube yesterday. I had a look last night and am going to have a go today, it was quite motivating.

  • Been there and worn the t-shirt out. Use time without your hubby as a spoil yourself spa break. Really be strict, loads of water, fresh Smoothies and no need for cooking so treat yourself to prepared m & s salads. Face packs, hair treatment the works. You will be so busy pampering you won't have time to think about naughty foods.

  • Hubbie home tonight @Cuddlygran, but I'll certainly remember this for the next time he's away lol. Thank you for your post.

  • Best of luck with it all sweetheart.

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