New to the group

New to the group

Hi everyone going to really give this a go. I lost 3stone five years ago and was really proud of myself , then I lost one of my daughters (she wasn't ill she took an enery drink suplement full of cafine and it killed her)so then I fell back to comfort eating it was that or drink myself into oblivion I chose food so over the last 4years I've put on 4stone and it's affecting my health,Kate would be so cross with me so nows the time to try again with your help I will do it. me with my girls when I wed for 2nd time Kate's the zanny one with the very colourful hair.


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  • Hi Linda, sorry to hear of your sad loss of your daughter.I too chose to comfort eat for last year, I lost my partner. I'm on week 4 of 12 week plan, have lost 12 lbs.5 stone more to drop off! Good luck:)

  • Well done you. Sorry to hear about your wife big hug x

  • thanks Linda, I wasn't very clear, actually I lost Danny after 21 years. Saw the puddles, daffs and snow drops, climbed a long steep hill, with lots of 3 min breaks, took 45 mins, then the bus to pool, swam 20 lengths, did 60 aquacise movements, back on Fri for more of the same,here comes bus😊

  • Bless you wish I had so much energy the asthma doesn't help though, thanks for your time good luck to you x

  • Your right its a 'double whammy' when finding a way to minimise the detrimental effects of health problems, we are all different and looking for different ways of coping, so that wecan succeed to lose weight despite these b...handicaps. xGill

  • Oh Linda, every mother's nightmare to lose a child, I am so sorry. Well done for taking the step now to get fit and healthy, good luck, you can do it :-)

  • Thank you I'm sure with support I'll get there, I have a skinny husband and he just doesn't get it bless him x

  • My husband doesn't even like food and if he could have 3 tablets a day instead of it would be perfectly happy, so not getting any support from him ;-)

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