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Update: Treat meal

I would say that if you are absolutely craving something, hold back for a few days, have it then move on.

I went to a chinese buffet tonight and felt ILL afterwards, just remember that everything seems 10x more tastier when you can't have it. I don't think I want another bad meal like that for a while.

Nothing feels as good and satisfying as seeing results and making your way to your goal, don't forget that the next time you want to demolish a full pizza (or 2!) :)

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For the first time in my life I think maybe you are right aliii . I heard a hairdresser once say to her client that nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. I thought she was mad and clearly hadn't tasted enough good meals. Now I believe that seeing the weight come off while not feeling hungry, knowing I am eating healthier food is a really good feeling. Whilst I am sure if I had a big pizza I would like it, I am not making plans to order one. At the moment I have a cold and my usual food tastes like cardboard. I asked my OH to order a curry then changed my mind. Decided I was just feeling sorry for myself.

Good luck with your continued weigh loss!


It's been years since I had a Chinese - oooo how I would love one, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately ;) ) we don't have one near us

I did have an Indian this week and while I enjoyed every mouthful, I have put on weight this week, not just from the Indian I hasten to add, but due to illness and losing the will to eat healthily - Back to routine as soon as I feel better

Good luck on your continued weight loss :)


That's a good result as it might prevent you eating the treats at all! Thank you for that - it will help me too.

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Sorry to hear you were ill after your 'treat' aliii you were so looking forward to it. Good luck with next weeks weigh in. Have a good weekend 👍👍

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Best outcome really! I won't be having chinese again because that is the only one near :P


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