Green Tea for weight loss!

Just wanted to share a recent discovery with you all, and I'm very excited to do so. It's often banded about by various 'healthy living' advocates that green tea is supposed to speed up weight loss, and just over a month ago I decided to add that into my healthy eating plan. I genuinely can't believe the results! On a good week, I'll usually lose about 2-3lbs, but I've been losing 4lbs almost every week since I started taking green tea!

Now, I don't really like hot beverages of any sort (tea or coffee), and generally avoid caffeine because it gives me migraines. But I bought a pack of decaf green tea and have been drinking it every day, and honestly I quite enjoy it now! I have a hot cup in the morning, then steep a really big cup (usually two teabags) before I go to the gym and let it cool before blending it in with my usual fruit smoothie later in the day. I also went to Boots and bought some green tea extract supplements, and I take one at work when I'm eating my lunch, along with my Omega-3 supplement (because I really struggle with cooking raw fish haha). Honestly, I feel much better for it!

If anyone else drinks green tea and has experienced similar results, I'd love to know!


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12 Replies

  • I've been drinking green tea for 8 years sadly in that time Ive been 17 stone 4

    Its probably stopping caffeine and drinking extra that's flushing you out which is good :)

    I only drink decaf as migraines

  • To be fair though, I haven't drunk caffeine since I was a teenager and I've pretty much always hit the 2Litres-per-day target because I drink like a fish haha. Sorry to hear it hasn't worked well for you. :/ But then I suppose every person has a different body, so maybe mine reacts well to green tea where yours hasn't in the past. Still, good luck with your weight loss journey! x

  • It isn't a weightloss aid otherwise we'd all be using it


  • Might not have been an aid for you, but it works for me and many others, so I think I'll keep on using it haha. x

  • I went through a stage of drinking green tea did feel much better the other day I started again .I think it detoxifies it also helps cravings at times .Keep drinking it it's good for you.So pleased for you with your weight loss .Amazing very well done.C x

  • Thank you! And I've read somewhere that it helps with breaking down toxins in the body, so I'm glad it works for you too! Best of luck with your own journey. :) xx

  • Thank you E Sparkles.Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  • Hi, I think green tea is very good foy you, but, honestly, it tastes vile!

  • I thought so too haha! It's taken me a while to get used to the taste. That's one of the reasons I blend it in with my fruit smoothie, it masks the taste much better. :P

  • E_sparkles what do you put in your smoothie? I think I would like something like that to take to work for my daily fruit.

    Most diet pills have green tea extract in. I forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me. Will start again this afternoon. I drank it in the beginning and during the holidays I stopped. Maybe it was the cause of the plateau I experienced.

  • Hi Ribaka! Thanks for the question, I'll list a few of my fave smoothie combinations below (they'll all work with or without green tea, so adding that in is optional. All these recipes make a good 500ml of smoothie, so there's plenty for a refreshing snack or work pick-me-up.

    Strawberry and banana:

    1 ripe banana, about 5-10 frozen strawberries (depending on their size), 100ml apple juice, 100ml water, three heaped spoons of plain or coconut yogurt. If you're adding green tea, steep it in only about 50ml of water and leave it there until it goes cold - or store pre-steeped tea in the fridge. :)

    Summer Fruits:

    1/2 ripe banana (or 1 whole if small), couple of handfuls of mixed frozen berries (super cheap from Farmfoods!), 100ml apple juice, 100ml water, 50ml of milk (my preference is Almond milk, much tastier in smoothies). Green tea can be steeped in more water and added to taste, because the mixture of berries covers the bitterness really well and you can't really tell it's in there.

    'Sunny' smoothie:

    1 ripe banana, nice big handful of frozen mango, 100ml orange juice OR pineapple juice, 2 heaped spoons of plain or coconut yoghurt. I wouldn't add the green tea into this one, because the flavours don't mix too well. But it's super tasty!

    I've tweaked those recipes to my own taste, so have a little play with volumes of liquids/quantity of fruit, you'll soon know what balance suits your tastebuds. :)

    Good luck with your weight loss! xxxx

  • Hi I heard this about Green tea too (and like you don't like coffee or black tea) so when I started this weight loss thing I started having one cup of green tea a day (to avoid the negative effects of caffeine). I buy the flavoured tea bags as they are more palatable, but I don't like them strong so I dunk one tea bag for about 15 s instead of the recommended 2-3 mins and then use this tea bag 2/3 times (depending on the brand). - Although I don't recommend the Twinnings cherry bakewell flavour-they smell correct but the taste is nothing like!

    I heard caffeine helped to get rid of migraines so when I was getting them almost daily I tried Anadin extra but this resulted in me shaking - I guess I really am not used to caffeine.

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