Weight Loss NHS

Day 1 12 week NHS plan

Day 1 today 200.5lbs so looking at a gain of 33lbs from my loss of 63lbs last year

So - 33lbs I'll be back in my size 12 clothes which I will get back into.

Have to do my measurements, I've done mybefore photos and hope I can get this goal done by July

I will then aim for another stone so that will mean I'm in the 10 stones which I havent been for 20 years ....

At least this year isn't such a huge mountain to climb than last year but I'm still cross I've gained again but I was really sick so nows the time to make myself feel happier again

I lose slow I've got to accept this just can't resort to falling back into the vlcd meal replacements diets again they made me ill and I gained what I lost on them so all in all a waste of time and lots money

As there's no room on Monday's weigh I will join Wednesday's but keep Monday as my official weigh in

If youve read this Thankyou please pop a reply on and how your doing

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Hi Lawman, well done for coming back with a healthy attitude towards weight loss :) vlcd are the pits, unhealthy and unsustainable - this way you'll learn as you go along, the best way for you :)


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