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ReStarting Monday 24th January 35lbs goal

ReStarting Monday 24th January 35lbs goal

So I will continue my weightloss Monday after being poorly for a few weeks I know time is flying and I feel urgh

I need 35 lbs off as my goal maybe more but I can not keep making myself aim for big goals especially as I'm anal about them and obsess

I will do 1500 calories 45 minute walk a day for a month then see what's happened last time I did this after 11 months I lost 70lbs sadly since then I've had bad health problems so I've set my 35lbs loss by 8th Auguat my wedding anniversary that will mean I'm Bqck in my size 12s which are atm LAUGHUNG at me in the wardrobe

I like calorie counting as nothing is restricted I've done the low carb vlcd ww SW meal RC Atkins replacements extreme exercise diet pills fasting 5:2 even booked appointment for. Consultation for gastric band some years ago AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT they all made me miserable and deprived

So calories is the way to go as that's what weightloss is CICO

:) before pic Jan 17

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Good luck Lawman17 I too have started after bring poorly and not having the energy to exercise Health improving Now is the time


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