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really pleased !

Hi all, I am really pleased , after lots of difficult days I've accomplished a 3lb in 3 weeks.

Yes I know I could have done better but I am happy with that. Its made a small difference and I am walking and actually enjoying it and food isn't on my mind all day long. So big thank you to all who post their highs and lows its great to know I am not alone. from 11.8 to 11.5

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Well done, a great start. A pound a week soon adds up and losing at that rate is sustainable, which is the best way. Onwards and downwards!

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3lbs in three weeks is no small achievement especially if you've had difficult days - the slower it comes off the easier it is to keep it off and it's all part of the bigger (or should that be smaller) picture - well done you!


Morning Kelsey34

You should feel pleased with yourself, that's a steady 1lb a week, slow and steady gets you there, well done you.

Enjoy your week.


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That's really well done! I lose a 1lb a week - sometimes I maintain, I'm happy with that as it is a long term change I want to make and slowly is the best way to change eating habits


That's an excellent loss Kelsey34 ☺ Very well done

Why don't you go over to the Wednesday weigh-in and share the good news with them? Here is the link


Best wishes



Really well done. You are moving in the right direction.


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