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Good morning everyone...

I've been away for a few days as I was fairly confident with my meal plan and thought I'd got everything under control! ...

I was wrong.

I've realised I have been overeating on the carbs section of my meal, taking my calories over my recommend allowance :(

Need to be more strict with my measurements from now on to keep on track!

However, I would like to say i'm very proud of myself as I went to my nieces 6th birthday party, at the weekend, and refrained from eating any party food!

* Little wins*

I wish everyone good luck with their own journey! :)

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Well done for restraining yourself from eating the party food, beccybabs and also for recognising where your diet was going awry. Making mistakes is part of the learning curve that we're on and you're obviously learning :)

Keep up the great work and keep celebrating the little wins :)

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Thank-you so much for your encouragement! :)

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I do find carbs to be a real drain on calorie resources for the day - I tend to steer fairly clear of them except my breakfast cereal, I will have the likes of bolognaise sauce or chilli with shredded boiled cabbage rather than pasta or rice - you could have spiralised veg or cauliflower rice I guess - I always try to have at least a third or sometimes half of my plate/dish in fruit or veg - I don't always achieve it but I try my best

Well done for avoiding the party food - it's usually pastry, bread or cake based and really too tempting for its own good

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Thank-you for the helpful tips and encouragement :)


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