How did you do it?

How did you do it?

Someone asked me how I've managed to lose my weight on one of the other threads. I thought it might help others to share my response, and also for you to see my weight loss graph to see that it wasn't all plain sailing!

(1) February 2012 Joined an on-line weightloss website (www.weightlossresources. Still a member!

(2) Using the site, worked out how many calories I needed to eat to lose ONE pound a week (based on my TDEE)

(3) Started to weigh and log everything I ate, every day. Still do to some extent....

(4) Planned and cooked healthy meals from scratch, using the recipes on that website and others I found on-line (you have the ability to create recipes using that website, so you know how many calories per portion a recipe is)

(5) Only started to exercise once I had lost 2 stone (swimming for an hour once a week at a disabled swimming session)

(6) From about 2013, used 5:2 Fasting as an additional tool, which helped me to conquer the mental hold that food had on me - I worked to make myself stronger than the food! I would conquer a Fast Day and not let the food ruin my efforts!

(7) More or less gave up alcohol completely (nowadays, I've actually gone off the taste of wine.... very sad!)

(8) Started to increase the amount of exercise I did. Used a personal trainer for a few sessions to identify exercises that I was able to do, and also learned about HIIT training (high intensity, short bursts of activity, which brings your heart up to aerobic level and back down)

(9) Recognised that I cannot eat out every week.... I used to plan every trip out of the house to include some food, ie, trip to town = lunch in a pub, trip to the garden centre = cake and coffee.

(10) More recently, I have used the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet. This way of eating was developed for and aimed primarily at those with diabetes or who are pre-diabetic. It's follows the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, but aims to cut out grains (no bread, oats or rice), potatoes, pasta, sugar and sugar products, fruit which is high in sugar (think tropical). Also cutting out processed foods which contain a lot of added sugar (lots of ready made sauces, condiments), bread, cakes.

It's undertaken in 8 - 12 week "rounds" where calorie intake is limited to just 800 a day. Not as difficult as it sounds, as because you are eating foods containing lots of "good fats" which keep you feeling fuller for longer, you don't need to eat as much quantity wise! Read more here:

(11) Just kept on going and never gave up, even though I've had holidays where I've piled the weight on, and we (myself and my husband) had his terminally ill mother living with us for over a year who required significant care towards the final months of her life.... I JUST KEPT ON GOING. Any loss, however small, is a move in the right direction.

I should add (regarding the graph) that I'll never be within the "healthy" range, as my height was determined by disability (I have about 20cm missing from my femurs/thighs). I have two sisters who are 5ft 10" and a size 12/14, whereas I am 4ft 9".... and weighing just over 10st I am a size 16. I am hoping to get to 8st 13lbs (just so I can see 8st something on the scales!) and then maintain between 9 and 9 and a half stone.

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24 Replies

  • This is fantastic, Pineapple, thanks so much for sharing :)

    This will give hope and guidance to so many people and prove that patience is the name of the game. Something that most of us really lack! ;)

    You're an inspiration to us all! :)

  • I may edit it slightly to say that I have a physical disability that severely limits my mobility too... as I know many of us can make "excuses" for why we can't lose weight.... and yes, I used to make all of those excuses too, but now I know that for some of us, it's more of a challenge, but with enough determination and investing enough time, it can be done. It's just more of a challenge for some of us!

  • Oh my gosh, I've been the Queen of excuses and still find myself using them, at times!

  • Great post Pineapple27 ☺ A very uplifting story.

    I totally agree about making excuses, I was in a similar position, and now I love exercise even if it is adapted to suit my limitations ☺

    The part I like best is is where you say you you "Just kept on going and never gave up . . . Any loss, however small, is a move in the right direction." This really is the answer ☺

    Very well done and thanks for sharing ☺

  • Pineapple27 I completely love your sharing! Am so challenged and inspired and indeed my endless excuses definitely have to come to an end!!!

  • Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story. This is a long journey for many of us, and a lifestyle change, and to see your graph over the course of 5 years is just amazing. Well done xx

  • Wow, that's an amazing story - well done!

  • Wow, very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. X

  • Thanks for sharing, how interesting to see a graph. I'm thinking that I could do a graph to spur me on. You can look back a physically see how far you've come. Xx

  • Hi there. I agree - I weigh every day too, as that way I get used to the fact the weight can fluctuate from day to day (up and down). However, I only LOG my weight once a week (every Friday morning) and that way it is the general trend that I get a picture of. There are some great free apps and websites where you can do this. I'll try and find some.

  • I do that too. I used to feel silly about weighing myself almost every day, but I cant help myself, and actually it helps to see the fluctuations and look beyond them to the general trend, and not get disheartened by little bumps. My everyday 'first thing in the morning weight' doesn't seem to reflect what I have eaten the day before, it seems to be quite random - do you find that?

  • I have a friend who is a PT and he actually recommends getting weighed EVERY day... then add them all up over the week and divide by 7 to get you average weight for that week

  • I also weigh every day, to see fluctuations. I use an app called S Health (free to Samsung users) where I record it. I can look back at averages for the weeks and also for months, which is really motivating.

  • Pineapple, you have summed up what I believe is the essence of successful weight loss. Healthy choices and determination to keep going! Congratulations on your success!

  • Thank you! Yes, the keeping going bit is the most important.

  • Fabulous post Pineapple27 - thank you for sharing your story. Your determination is awe-inspiring and spurs me on not to be such a wimp myself in not setting challenging goals. I'm particularly interested in the way that you have changed your strategy from time to time - I guess that keeps your interest and motivation going because there is new stuff to learn and also makes your body and metabolism shift gears, which must be a good thing. Great stuff.

  • Absolutely - plus with all the different approaches, you learn what works for you and your body. I think of it as an arsenal of weapons that I am using to attack my flab! Actually, I don't think of it as flab any more as there really isn't much left... let's call it "padding"!

    It is good to keep the body guessing what you're going to hit it with next!

    Thanks for your kind acknowledgement.

  • Thank you very much for sharing this. It is very encouraging.

  • This post is fantastic and may I be the first to thank you ;)

    That graph is so enlightening and the breakdown along the way so revealing.

    How you've managed to keep going after putting weight on leaves me in awe. This is because I know my history and I've felt fairly certain that I only need to fail for a week (perhaps two) and I can't see when I'd ever pick myself up again (it's taken me so long to start this..AGAIN!!). However, seeing what you've done makes me feel like I could have more strength if I ever reach a down moment.

    " I JUST KEPT ON GOING".... That's going to stick.

    Thank you.

  • Yes, sometimes life does get in the way. But the weight loss has made such a massive difference to so many aspects of my life (mobility, confidence, ability to exercise, reducing pain, ability to manage my self-care/personal care, etc) that I really, never, EVER want to be back at 14 stone again! I was carrying around the equivalent of 9 newborn babies on my 4ft 9" tiny frame!

  • That is so impressive. Putting it like that really brings it home. Though as a bloke I think in bags of sugar. As of last Monday's weigh in, I've lost 4.5 bags of sugar... if someone came up to me now and said "carry this lot" for the rest of your life, then the response would be a tadge negative.

    Anyway, once again, thank you for the post.

  • Just been reading your blog, Well done to you, you have been on a weight loss journey and doing very well!! 👍Keep up the good work and you will reach the 8st ..

  • I hope so! I need to up-date my blog more regularly!

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