Healthy "roast" lunch

Healthy "roast" lunch

Here's my lunch from today. A succulent 210g fillet steak cooked to perfection my my husband. In my eyes, no reason to add anything more than a little olive oil on a brush before cooking and then salt and pepper afterwards.

Served with roasted baby carrots, sprouts and butternut squash.

Including the oil for frying and roasting - 493 calories.

I've been losing weight for 5 years now, presently following the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet (Michael Mosley) and concentrating on low carb, high fat.

Diets aren't all about lettuce!


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13 Replies

  • That looks great. I eat like that on paleo diet. I would lean more towards green veg as I am not a big butternut squash fan but it looks lovely. I don't know how much you lost - you could ask for a badge so you can be loud and proud!

  • I do eat a lot of green veg usually.... all cabbaged and sprouted out at the moment! I have lost 4.5 stone (presently need to lose half a stone "again" after a 1.5 stone gain) but I know what's to be done :-)

    I'll ask for a badge, even though I didn't lose all of my weight via this site. I did join to try and encourage others, as I know it's made such a massive difference to me - not just in terms of physical ability, but emotionally and spiritually!

  • Your meal looks lovely especially that steak. I tried roasted Butternut squash today for the first time after your last post and really like it, so thanks for that.

  • I'm glad you liked the butternut squash! It makes a great replacement for potatoes, pasta, etc.

    Did you see the post about the celeriac chips? If you don't much like the flavour of celery, it won't be for you - although the flavour isn't half as strong as celery and the texture is completely different.....

  • Yes I saw that post. I don't really like celery so I might give that one a miss thanks, but it was nice to try something new today and I will definitely be having Butternut squash again.

  • Can I interest you in courgetti instead maybe???

  • What;s courgetti ?

  • It's julienned or spiralised courgette... stir fried for just a few minutes in a little olive oil. Serve in place of spaghetti! I actually prefer it to regular spaghetti as it's about a quarter of the calories but got a nice crunch to it.

  • That does sound nice. I do like courgettes so I must get myself a spiraliser.

  • I have one of these: works well and doesn't take up much space at all!

  • I am going to try celeriac. I asked my husband to buy it and I think he didn't hear me right as he came back with celery. Still I like celery so had a stick with a sprinkle of salt. Well done on your weight loss, having a badge would be good as i find it inspires me to see people who have managed to lose weight because it is hard!

  • I think I read somewhere it takes more calories to chew a stick of celery than it contains..... so get chewing on that celery! Haa haa :D

  • Looks delicious ☺

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