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Feeling good and then a comment

GottodothisHealthy BMI

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday someone made a comment to me which annoyed me but today I laugh.

After walking my dog in the afternoon I noticed 2 women posting leaflets through peoples letter boxes, when I got to my door one lady leaned over to offer me one with the comment "I'am starting a new Slimming World meeting around the corner if you would like to lose some weight"

I took the leaflet said "Thanks" then ranted when I got in, told my Trainer what happened and said to him "Look at this does this look like I need to lose weight" and laughted.

Now you tell me do I seriously look like I need to lose more weight haha

Please look at this with humour

Good luck to all


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You look good. Maybe you were wearing a coat? Then these ladies could not see your shape?

rosie15Restart Jan 2020

You look ok to me. 😀

JiminyCricketRestart Jan 2020

you look shipshape to me! Sometimes people can be very thoughtless with throw away comments.

When I went to slimming world, they'd get the odd new member who was already pretty skinny (I'm talking size 10-12) joining, looking to lose weight - sometimes just 7-10lbs. Half the time, the organiser didn't think they needed to lose weight - they were pretty much a healthy BMI anyway, but some people just want the community feeling, and the ladies were probably taking advantage that you might be wanting to lose a couple of lbs with the chance to meet new people.


LOL, Wendy! They were probably so desperate for membership, that they'd already invited their Auntie's skinny poodle! ;)


Hi Gottodothis.

No you don't look like you need to lose more weight.

If you had come home and found the leaflet, you wouldn't have been upset, would you? Perhaps she was just trying to desperately recruit or maybe just being polite as you stood right there in front of her, rather than just ignoring you and putting the leaflet through your door.

I wouldn't worry too much either way - you've worked really hard and look great! :-)

You definately dont need to lose weight hun. You look really good. Well done xx

Some people are not very switched on with comments, like my mother in law, no bad intention, but often says things are not so clever. Or Maybe she just thought you wanted to get even healthier, I went to a slimming world meeting with 2 friends once, there were people looked quite slim. I'm not huge, but given my family's diabetes gene, I know I definitely need to lose weight to be in the healthier range of BMI.

jopo3 stone

Looking great Wendy.

No you definitely don't need Slimming world to tell you you're already BMI spot on.

Sounds like they were just touting for business. Good job there's nothing wrong with your sense of humour xx :)

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