Channel 4’s How to Lose Weight Well - Peanut Butter Diet

A couple of day's ago I was surprised to see how effective the Peanut Butter Diet was.

I also did some online research into this diet and it looks like it may even be beneficial for heart health as it boosts 'good' cholesterol.

I think if you really struggle with sugar cravings, this diet may be worth considering. In my case I have been avoiding having the peanut butter with carbohydrates such as toast. I am having it mixed with some Greek style yoghurt, with fruits such are apple/pears or with steamed (microwaved) savoy cabbage leaves. I am finding that I am staying fuller longer and don't crave any other snacks.

I am just having two helpings of peanut butter a day for now and can notice my appetite has been curbed effectively. I will definitely continue with this diet as peanut butter doesn't feel like diet food!

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  • I haven't seen the programme yet but thank you for sharing ☺

  • Crunchy peanut butter with mashed banana and natural yogurt with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top is manna from heaven :)

  • Oooh! I like the sound of that! That is going to be breakfast tomorrow for sure - thanks!

  • Yes - My breakfast is now just a couple of tablespoons of Low Fat Greek Style Yoghurt mixed with a spoonful of 100% Whole Earth Peanut Butter. It's tasty and keeps me full until lunch. I have another snack with Peanut Butter at around 4pm and that keeps me full until dinner.

  • Interesting how it seems to keep people full - might have to try it myself

  • And an added bonus if you're using the Whole Earth Peanut Butter is that it has no sugar or sweetener in it

  • It has no added sugar. It does contain 3.8 g per 100 g (as well as 54.3 g of fat and 643 calories).

  • Thanks - I did mean added sugar - sadly the cheaper versions can be loaded with it - the Whole Earth actually tastes savoury

  • I agree that peanut butter does have high fat content, but that probably explains why it helps me stay 'full' with just a couple of teaspoons of the crunchy version a day.

    I think moderation is key thing to remember.....

  • It's on offer at Sainsbury's large tub £2!

  • I can't stop thinking about how much the girl lost on that diet, I think it has been the most successful. I am thinking of changing my granola fruit and yogurt lunch to peanut butter fruit and yogurt. I used to have peanut butter on ryvita with the lunch but it did take me high on calorie intake so I dropped it, maybe I dropped the wrong thing.

    Decided to give it a go, will let you know how it goes.

  • Interesting ... Let us know how you get on 😀

  • My husband has it now too. It really does seem to be curb hunger. However I am finding it hard to lose weight even though I am being really good, but I am blaming plateauing rather than the peanut butter. I write everything down in my fitness pal and I am easily eating less than I was.

  • Peanut butter itself has lectins and is too high in omega-6. I read somewhere it was used to cause atherosclerosis in animals. The benefit is therefore likely to be that it increases the fat to carbohydrate ratio of the diet, and other natural fats can do this even more healthily.

  • As with anything, if you consume excessive amounts (jars!) of peanut butter then you will probably have unpleasant side effects. With regards to your comment on atherosclerosis in animals, I would like to balance it with the following comment.

    "However, animal studies have shown that peanut oil along with high doses of cholesterol can induce atherosclerosis (thickening of arteries, which can lead to heart attacks) in animals like monkeys and rabbits (15).

    However, these studies have been criticized for including ridiculous amounts of cholesterol and other studies actually show a reduction in atherosclerosis in test animals (16, 17, 18)."

    I personally think a moderate amount of peanut butter should be safe, but I guess you could try the diet the other Bridesmaid in the program did, which was 4 tablespoons of flax seed oil...

  • Interesting! I've heard of people losing a fair bit by consuming almonds too. I think it's possibly down to protein, and the fat must help too. Do you think it would work with almond butter instead? I don't like peanuts so much!

  • In the program the other bridesmaid's diet was to have 4 tablespoons of raw flax seed oil a day. She couldn't stomach it and eventually switched to rapeseed oil. She still lost the weight as I think the oil helped to reduce her appetite. I think Almond butter would be a suitable alternative as nutritionally it is very similar.

    It is worth considering choosing the crunchy version rather than the smooth version. I remember watching Dr Moseley's BBC program in which he did an experiment of how the bodies digestive system handles nuts. He proved that the body couldn't break down the nuts and most of the fat was not absorbed.....

  • I saw something similar on channel 4, that we can't absorb about 40% of the calories. I did eat almonds for a snack already, but felt a lot more smug doing it! I'll have a look out for some almond butter when I'm getting the weekly shop in then :)

  • I'm getting used to the crunchy version and am enjoying the texture better. I'll also try your idea of Almond Butter as a change in future although I am enjoying my Peanut Butter snacks at the moment. I'm pleased with the noticeable different in my waistline over the last few days.

  • Epidemiological studies established that tree nuts are good for health.

  • Interesting didn't see the diet. Although I love peanut butter😁

  • My husband is enjoying weight loss, so it is obviously working for him. I am very careful to balance my protein carbs and fat and reduce sugar etc. My peanut butter is simply peanuts thrown into my thermomix. I am a vegetarian and the first thing I did when I became one twenty years ago, was become a nutritionist, focusing on the diet. I can see where the concerns are, but if I told you to eat a tbs of nuts twice a day to stop cravings, you wouldn't think anything of it. Of course you should check that the fat is not on top but instead replace other fats.

  • I am not sure if adding peanut butter to your existing thermomix would help you stay full, it probably is just adding extra calories. I find stirring in a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter in Greek Style Yoghurt makes a very tasty and filling meal, especially good for a quick breakfast!

    It is also worth noting that there are studies that claim that yoghurt can help you absorb less fat. A BBC programme called Truth About Food demonstrated this very graphically.

    I also saw a program by Dr Michael Moseley where he used science to demonstrate that yoghurt had this effect.....

  • Do you know what a thermomix is? Lol! Sorry just read the first part and confused. It's like a food processor. Anyway, you are a man after my own heart. I have porridge with a spoonful of peanut butter in the morning and yogurt with fruit and peanut butter for lunch. Perfect for balance and keeps me craving free for the day :) Michael Mosley is a bit of a hero of mine, I love anything to do with nutrition.

  • I didn't know what Thermomix was - I guess you learn something new every day!

    You may also find the food unwrapped programme mentioned in following post interesting.

    I found the clip explaining formation of fat bergs in drains a good way to think about how calcium in dairy products like Cheese and Yoghurt help the body get rid of fat from your diet.

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