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Hi All

Had a very naughty few weeks over xmas some people fall of the wagon or in my case I jumped!!!! weighed in today and have put on 2lbs over Xmas although I have been back on track now for the last 6 days so I started in August up to xmas lost just 0.75 lb short of 4 stone I'm not annoyed with myself as I have already taken the action needed to get back on track I had lost every week up until xmas I'm now back on track and ready to kick my ass if I don't behave myself. Have struggled to exercise suffering with sciatica so gentle excersing and stretching excerises It has improved from 10days ago so I'm hoping another week it will be nearly back to normal.

So happy this forum has continued I was worried over Xmas but now with new administrators and of course the lovely Moreless our Queen is back I think we will be even better than before so a massive Thankyou to all that have offered to support and help on this forum .

So I'm now a Wednesday girl (weigh in) and looking forward to 2017 to succeed for the first time in my life with this weight loss good luck to all specially newbies as when I first started I thought I would never do it but but we can, positive minds will motivate us to all succeed so goodluck 😄

Onwards and Downwards😉😉😉😉😉😉😉


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8 Replies

  • Good luck with reaching your 4 stone badge. I have 5lb left to get mine so I will look out for you getting yours yet before me!

  • Goodluck with yours I keep a eye out for your award😉

  • Don't you worry, Lizzy, together we'll get to all our goals and beyond! 2017 is going to be a fantastic year! :)

  • Great post Lizzy70 ☺ I'm sure we can do this ☺

  • Lizzy you're doing fantastic ! You shame me, I put on 16 lbs from Christmas Eve to Tuesday this week !!!!! Well well done !

  • No shame I probably put on more than 2lb to be honest but I've been good for the last 6 days so there was probably good 3lb weight loss it's hard to get back there I starTed everyday 2 weeks ago but as the day went on I went down hill is all about a mental focus you can do it once you pass a couple of days for me anyway it's like I've detoxed I can't explain to people I'm either incredibly good or sooooo sooooo bad one day hope you try and get the balance I may never but I'm just going to get on with and do the best I can good luck you need to be positive focus YOU can do and we are all here to support and help you through 😃

  • Oops! Forgot to say, we're very much the same ! a few days of eating healthier and I can feel my resolve strengthening, it's just those first few days that are make or break isn't it ....

  • Thanks Lizzy xxxx

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