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Reality check

I have enjoyed a month of opportunities to visit family and friends and most of these lovely times included seasonal foods and lavish extras. I did try to keep to general principles of healthy choices but going a month without my fitness pal or weighing myself has led to a 3kg weight gain.

So now I am back to the disciplines of accountibility, daily walking and being rigorous again.

I love the feast times but they are not the norm. Hope others are finding fresh resolve to walk up the mountain again to get to optimal weight. This NHS plan is simple, practical and effective only when followed and takes 12 weeks to start the process that goes on in part for life.

Gaining weight can be rapid and a bit like the snake on snakes and ladders game. All part of the design to keep us alive. (Lots of people would die if we could lose weight as quickly as we gain it!)

This community is a great boost to help us to keep going and make daily commitments to live well. Thanks team.

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Hello KettleBelle . Good to hear you are back on track and ready to lose the festive excess. You are not alone! Makes you feel good though to take back control doesn't it? Climbing the ladder to reach your successful goal? Or should that be sliding down the snake to your healthy BMI either way, good luck :)


Hello KettleBelle ☺ Glad to hear you are back in the game, you are not alone in gaining weight over Christmas 😕 But like you say, accountability is everything. Hope you get more ladders than snakes ☺


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