Lonely posting Tuesday?

I'd really prefer to weigh in on a Monday but I looked yesterday and there were a lot of people and I did start week one last Tuesday (because of bank holiday!!). I posted on the thread a few minutes ago and was the first. I hope this new system is going to work and we non Monday weigher inners don't end up feeling like the B team! I need the support of you all.


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8 Replies

  • You are not alone, ☺ There will be others

  • Dont worry, i reckon us Tuesdayers just like a bit more of a lie in!

  • Hi ceriandblue I'm going to post on a Tuesday 😀 Hope your having a good week

  • I am certain you won't Ceriandblue To be honest, it was so hectic yesterday that I couldn't even begin to keep up - I suspect you were have at least as much support today, if not more because folks will have more time.

    I will be weighing in on Fridays, and will be hoping for support too.

    And, of course, if you can find a few posts on the Tuesday thread to comment to, people will begin to "know" you and look out to see how you are doing too. :)

  • Hi posting on a Tuesday will give me a day to claw back weekend issues if ever I have any so will suit me fine.😊

    I think the more newbies that join the forum the more evenly the day's will span out Fridays I think will be popular.

    I just read your weight loss and you have done well.⭐️👍😊

  • Hi Ceriandblue, I am also going to be posting today (Tuesday), so see you there!

  • I know what you mean. I'm a Monday weigher but was gobsmacked at how busy the thread was. I'm actually considering changing my day.

  • I'm so up for weighing on a quieter day. Mondays feel hectic to me. I think the vibe on today's weigh in is actually really nice, and Tuesdays suit me really well, plus I can see lots of familiar names posting today too. I think over time things will even out a bit more across the week. I love the idea of a forum you can log into any day and there's a weigh in going on, so I really hope it works long term. But I'll aim to stick regularly to Tuesdays as having a fixed day works best for me :)

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