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Lonely Thursday

Rose-A1 stone

So my other half is out for the night, and I'm home alone. Usually I would have cooked a huge cheesy carbonara, probably had half a bottle of wine, and some garlic bread or something, but.....

.... I thought of this forum, and made myself a kind of caprese salad: Small portion of mozzarella, with a large fresh tomato, pine nuts, heaps of fresh raw spinach, basil leaves, and a small handful of wholewheat farfalle pasta with a bit of light pesto. All washed down with a small glass of peach and black tea, and a pint of water.

I feel so proud of myself right now, even though it's just a silly meal :D

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Well done Rose, sounds very healthy. I'm on my own every night and temptation is just a kitchen away. I've had a homemade vegetable soup and won't have anything else to eat tonight. Your healthy eating has encouraged me not to snack later, so thanks. ☺️

Rose-A1 stone in reply to Anon-E-Mouse

Glad we can help each other! :)

Well done!

Oh boy. A huge portion of carbonara/lasagna/pasta bake and a large glug of vino.

That brings back memories. One of my (far too many) comforts.

I actually had it again the other night. The difference was, this time I ate a measured portion, plus a large plate of veg, to fill up, and had a *small* glass of wine with it. I astonished myself with my moderation, but I felt very good and smug about it afterwards.

We *can* do it! ☺

Rose-A1 stone in reply to flavourfiend

Yes! This is what I think I need - to allow myself my favourites, but as a treat and in moderation.

It's where I'm aiming at least :D

Well done you! It's tough when you are home alone and easy to get led astray. Your salad sounds delicious, think I might make it for tea tomorrow night 🍅

Rose-A1 stone in reply to Sprout15

It was super good (if I say so myself haha)

Well done you, you should feel proud !! Sounds good too!! Little changes is all it takes.

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