day 1

day 1

ive just done day 1. im confused allready i cant reach my calorie allowance can you advise


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8 Replies

  • Hi, do you mean you have gone over your allowance, or have you got lots of unused calories going spare? I hope it's the latter. If you have gone over, then put it behind you and think tomorrow is a new day then plan your meals in advance so you judge portion sizes etc a bit better. If you need to use up calories, snacks like dried fruit and nuts are healthy as well fairly high in calories. A small lump of cheese and a cracker or two are also good. I have a bag full of calorie counted snacks like Paleo or Nakd fruit and nut bars and always have apples, grapes, bananas, celery, carrot sticks etc in the house if I get the munchies. I also regularly have a couple of squares of very dark chocolate and a few almonds as my snack in the evening. I only have one or at most two of these snacks on any one day but it does help to be able to adjust your calories when you need to. Hope it helps.x

  • yeah i have lots of unused my daily intake says 2108-2210 ive only used 1077

  • That seems very low ronny33 😕 I would double check your figures then if you need to, have a snack like kalahuchi suggests ☺

    It can take a while to get used to calorie counting but you will get there ☺

  • i inputed all the info through the website calorie counter....i dont feel like a snack feel fine

  • I've just had a quick look at your food diary in the other thread ronny33 and I see you didn't have much lunch. I would be eating my fingers off if it was me! Lol 😆 Maybe try to eat a little more tomorrow and see how you get on ☺ It's a learning curve, you will get there ☺

    Good luck

  • ok thanks i will

  • Great advice from Anna and Mr Niceguy. I forgot to mention avocado pears - healthy and high in calories (about 260 cals per fruit). Very nice mashed with pepper and a drop of lemon juice on toast. To sustain your weight loss over any length of time it is important not to go far under your minimum calorie range or your body is likely to adjust, slow down your metabolism and make it much, much harder to shift the weight and very difficult indeed to keep it off. Hope today is going well for you x

  • To keep metabolism firing, even though you may not feel like eating, aim to ensure that your minimum recommendation is met at the very least.

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