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At my last weigh in after the festivities I weighed in at 20st 1lb. I fly to Florida on the 28th June. Can I lose 3 stone (42lbs) by the time I am flying out?


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  • Yes you can, I lost it that fast and I am same sort of weight as you - now 19 stone 5 but I was 23 stone in September. I use paleo and exercise a lot.

  • I am curious, what is the paleo diet? Paleo to me means fossils?!

  • You are exactly right, it means I can only eat fossils. Lol . It means eating the food cave men ate - in reality it means no dairy, bread, pasta because you can't eat anything processed. I eat veg and meat or fish for tea, veg soup or chicken salad for lunch and fruit or eggs for breakfast. I find it good because I don't count calories at all. Carbs were my downfall so I know I am eating a lot less! It has made my skin and hair so much better as we used to live on expensive oven ready meals.

  • mmmmm, crunchy, lol!

    Interesting. I would miss those things, milk in my coffee...pasta. Can you have homemade wholegrain bread? I can't imagine life without toast!

  • you can't have normal bread, don't know if you can have homemade. I wouldn't lose weight if I ate it as not good at stopping!

  • Yes you can but remember everyone loses as different paces it's about eating 3 healthy meals snack sensibly and if you can't be good be careful!

  • Hi there, you might want to check out dietdoctor.com which covers the Low Carb High Fat diet, in some ways similar to the Paleo diet. It removes all the processed food and a lot of carbs. You replace the carb calories in your diet with fat calories which means you aren't hungry, and you don't have to count calories. I follow this because I am Type 2 diabetic, and I have found it very effective in lowering blood sugar as well as weight.

    There are a number of bread substitutes on this diet, but many of them are only usable as instant bap or sandwich. There is this bread, however, (https://www.dietdoctor.com/recipes/soft-low-carb-loaf-of-bread) which looks like a proper loaf that can be sliced, although I've not yet tried it.

    In the Real Food Revolution Cookbook there is a bread which I have made consisting mostly of egg whites and flaxseed which is a loaf and can be sliced, toasted and freezes well - I usually make a loaf, slice it and freeze it in pairs of of slices so I can have 2 slices of toast when I want, as I don't eat it every day.

    This recipe doesn't appear to be on their website, but they do have this one: realmealrevolution.com/reci..., an almond and poppyseed bread which looks like it is sliceable and toastable and probably tasty.

    Good luck with your quest to lose that three stone - you can do it.

  • Hello, I would say, yes, definitely - in fact you could shift even more if you put your mind to it. The one "good" thing about having a few surplus stones to lose is that, at least at first, weight comes off quite quickly, so you do get to see the results of your efforts straightaway. As you get slimmer, of course, the rate of loss goes down, and the last few pounds can be a Bxxxxxxx to lose! But cross that bridge when you come to it!

    Good luck!

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