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Needing help!;!!;

I'm hitting an enormous weight never b4 been to despite 4 pregnancies.

Been to a private nutritionist. N she has told me 1867 cala 20% carb 50% protein n 30% fst. Ive lost a whole 1lb in a week!!! Life style very sedentary cos so big now ...7 stn to lose!!! Help please some encouraging thoughts be good

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in a week this is a really good loss, your on the right track now because you are committing yourself to your weight loss. You should set yourself smaller goals which will seem a lot more achievable, if you break them down and you will feel a sense of accomplishment once one smaller goal is complete.

Well done though, this week you have lost weight which is really great, keep a positive mindset and throughout the weeks the pounds will come off.


Hello Penny5777 and welcome to the forum. I am sure that you will find this place full of encouraging thoughts., Try not to think of your total weight loss it can be a bit overwhelming - instead set mini goals. I try to think of a lb at a time- then again I am an extremely slow loser. 😀 take a moment to read the newbies post on the right hand side of your screen, it has great tips on how best to use the site 😀 Finally I wish you luck and determinatin


Slow and steady wins the race Penny. A pound in a week is great. Celebrate every pound. As Tasha says set small short term goals and that's not as off putting as eyeing up a distant goal which in the early days can look impossible. You can do it and you'll always find support here. Good luck.


Keep on going, that's all I can think to say. Increase you exercise if you can at all. Start off very small, walk to the end of the street and back and go from there. You can do this!


well done on seeking help from professionals! I think that's a terrific start, maybe try buggy walk first for exercise?


Hi there; it can be done! I started off in May needing to lose 7stone to get to the middle of the "healthy weight" range and I have already lost

4 st 11 lb. We all need to start somewhere and you will get lots of support from the lovely people on this forum. Wishing you the very best of luck x


Is there help on here re foods



With 7 stone to lose, you should be able to lose more than 1lb a week, at least for the first few stone.

A couple of thoughts:

- are you absolutely sure that you stuck to your calorie allowance? Could you have inadvertently gone over, maybe by not weighing everything out? It's very easy to underestimate what you eat, in fact I would say most of us do it most of the time, so weighing and measuring is the only way to be sure. If you have estimated, then try for a week being ultra-accurate in measuring everything out and see if that shift more weight;

- possibly 1867 might be a little high as a calorie allowance? You could try 1500 cals a day. You certainly won;t starve on 1500 cals, and cutting back a bit more could shift more weight.

Try being as active as you can be, even if it just standing up rather than sitting down, and walking around your living room, or going up and down your stairs. However, remember that portion control of your food is 90%+ of losing weight, with exercise being a useful little extra, so don;t worry too much if you can't be very active. You can build up to that.


I disagree with the last comment - if you have 4 children to run about after, you should stick to 1867, it'll stop you running out of steam and getting tired and make it more sustainable. Your calories will drop anyway as you lose weight, so you'll be at 1500 calories soon enough! The best advice I was given from Anna61 was to eat as much as you can to still lose weight!


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