I'm Jo, a midwife and nurse from Norfolk. I've lost weight over the years but have put on 2 stone in the last 12 months since an old injury cane back. I was exercising 3-4 times per weeks but haven't been able to do any since last April!! I feel fat and lethargic and want to get back to how I felt before!! I'm 5ft 4 and weighing 14 stone 4 this morning!!


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  • Hello Foxyknoxy. I'm a newbie too, this being my first week. The site is brimming with friendly, informative people who will be able to give you advice (if you want it). I won't try due to suffering from foot in mouth.

    Seems to me the good thing is that you've made a positive step to get here in the first place so well done for that alone.

  • Than you and good luck to you too!! Is there somewhere to log weight or do we just do it on the weekly plans?

  • The site has been going through a bit of a rehash over the last couple of weeks but I believe there will be a Monday 'weigh-in'. I haven't been here long enough to see it in action but I believe someone (one of the admins) will start a post tomorrow.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Ha! Daily weigh-ins.... missed that.

  • Hi and welcome, Foxyknoxy,

    Go to the Pinned Posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile) and take a look at the Welcome Newbie thread. If you have any questions, look at the Topics below, to see if they'll help you out, or ask on the forum. Join any, or all of our challenges :)

    We run daily weigh-in sessions and you would be very welcome to join, on any day, except Sunday. The thread can be found in the Events section, to the right of the home page, bottom if using a mobile.

    Have a look at the 12 week plan, to see if that might be something that would appeal to you and don't forget to take initial measurements and photos, as it's a great way of seeing just how far you've come, especially when the scales aren't co-operating fully :)

    Wishing you all the very best with your weight loss journey :)

  • The good news is - You can do it! When I started losing weight in February 2012 (5 years ago!) I weighed 14 stone exactly, and I am only 4ft 9".... AND I have a physical disability that means that I find exercise difficult. I am mostly sedentary and use a wheelchair outside of the house.

    I think many people don't realise just how many calories are burned by just doing the everyday things that we all do - walking to and from work and the shops, running up and down the stairs several times a day, doing housework and gardening.

    It's possible to lose weight without doing ANY exercise at all. In fact that's how I have lost most of my weight. However, as a short, sedentary person, I have realise that I really have to be very careful about what I eat and drink. Over the course of 5 years, I have made many changes both to what I eat, how much I eat and have more or less given up alcohol entirely.

    I used to plan every trip out of the house to involve food, eg, go to the garden centre and have cake and coffee, go into town, have lunch out. Now we only eat out for special occasions and trips out of the house are still planned around food - but we made a salad or some soup that will be ready for us on our return.

    I was not one for regular take aways, but now I probably eat a take away once a year - and to be honest, I would rather make something myself and know what it contains. I often kid myself that I would really enjoy a portion of fish and chips, but I now find it too greasy and sickly. I'd rather do myself an oven baked breaded fish fillet with oven chips! And that would be probably about a third of the calories.

    As I gradually got used to smaller portions, I now find that I am unable sometimes to eat a regular pub meal - I often go for a starter size, or two side dishes (salad and a prawn starter for example).

    Hope to se you here often and hear how you are doing. Shout if you need some support! Lots here for you!

  • A great reply Pineapple27 , this is the general approach I take to food, eating out and alcohol too. I can't exercise much either now due to a health condition which unfortunately started a couple of months ago , but have been surprised that weight has not piled on as I thought it might (well so far!). It shows that moderate exercise like walking/ everyday tasks is enough, if that is all you can do, as long as you think about what you eat and drink. Good luck Foxyknoxy if you carry on looking at this forum you will gradually pick up snippets of info that are really helpful.

  • Sailsalot - yay just learned how to tag others :-)

    The approach I have taken is that we can only do our best, the very best that we ourselves know we are capable of. Not to beat ourselves up about "not being good enough", but congratulating ourself on success. That is a MASSIVE change for me. If we continually tell ourselves we are useless and failures, it does nothing to make us stronger.

    I have this year promised myself to get back to exercise. I just do 30 minutes of stretches for my back, neck, hips and other joints and then 30 mins of Pilates exercise to build up strength in my core muscles. Only started Pilates last September, and although most of the time it looks as if I am laying on the floor and doing little, my body tells me otherwise! The exercises need a lot of concentration to fully engage muscles in the right places at the right times.

    The stretches are really helping with ongoing pain I experience in my lower back and one of my hips. Far better than any pain killer! I am now getting a better nights sleep too so it's a win/win!

  • Thanks Pineapple27 I hope to get back to more exercise after seeing consultant for advice, have quite severe neck pain which was sudden onset and hard to come to terms with as may have to learn to live with it, have always been quite active and it is very restricting. Even a walk seems to make me feel better though and still early days. I did wonder about pilates or getting back to gentle swimming which I have always loved, it must all help with building strength and helping muscles. The laying on the floor pilates sounds something I could manage though :) will look into that and find a local class.

    At least my weight is still under control, so far!

  • Sailsalot - I started exercising by swimming once a week for an hour. I do my stretches sitting on a gym ball - stuff like torso twists, neck movements (side to side slowly, up and down slowly, ear to shoulder slowly) but the Pilates has made me aware that I lift my shoulder to meet my ear - not good for the shoulders! So the two things in combo are really good.

    I have some videos on You Tube of me doing Pilates (I do one-to-one sessions) if you are interested?

    Won't post here, but happy to share a link to them as don't want them in the public domain. I also have some of me doing my stretches, but need to up-date as it was done last August and my Pilates has showed me that I need to do them in a slightly different manner (slower, and fewer!)

  • Hi, I'm new here and also suffer with chronic back, pelvic and hip pain. I'm desperate to start exercising again, this is something I've spoken about at length with my consultant and up to yet he won't even let me start swimming again yet. I already do physio and after reading this thread and the comments I'd be interested in watching your you tube videos xx

  • I will post the links. I go once a year to see a specialist at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore. He recommends daily stretches and that really, really helps with pain. Doesn't take it away completely, but reduces the severity.

  • Hello Foxyknoxy ☺ and welcome to the forum. Your story sounds similar to mine, and you have done the best thing coming on here ☺ Have a good look around the site and ask if you have any questions ☺

    Best wishes


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