Bad back and exercise

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone is in a similar position. I injured my back in August, it's only muscular but it will take a while to get stronger. Anyway, I used to swim but not done much lately. At the moment all I'm doing is NHS lower back exercises, I'm too scared to go to Zumba or a class incase I can't handle it and have to walk out. I'm thinking of trying to do some Pilates at home first, some gentle walking and the odd swim. I need to lose 3 stone, do you think this will help? Any advice welcome xx


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12 Replies

  • Have you had a look at the NHS stretch and flex programme, I've only done week one so far but seems a good way to get moving while you build your confidence. I've been plagued with my back for years and understand how scary it can be when you're scared of hurting yourself. Tiny steps and good luck x

  • Thanks for your reply I will look at that. X

  • Hi Littleolly,

    I haven't injured myself as such but I have a medical condition of the hips that makes

    most forms of exercise painful, if not at that point then later. I would be really interested

    in how it goes with your issues, keep us posted please x

  • Sorry to hear that. Have you tried swimming, it supports your body in the water, when I swim I don't feel my back pain as much only problem is I want to do more lengths as I used to be able to do more and get frustrated becaus I can't. X

  • I am trying to summon up the courage to go to the local swimming

    pool.....exposing myself these days is a worry for me. Hohum....I will

    get there.

  • Yes I understand but I've bought a swimdress and feel like it covers more of the things I don't like about myself and I feel more at ease. When you're in the water no one sees you, I have a towel near by for when I get out xxx

  • Hello and welcome Littlelolly40

    Firstly, weight loss is much more about eating than exercise, so have a good look around the forum and at the links moreless suggested in your other post, please ask if you have any questions ☺

    With regards to your back, you have my sympathy 😕 I have only had back problems since last summer but it really does make life difficult 😕 Little and often works for me, walking really helps and is an excellent form of exercise ☺

    I am also starting a yoga+ pilates class next week, I'm quite nervous but am hopeful it will help my back. I have done a little at home but think its important to get it right. I spoke to the teacher and explained my situation so I'm feeling hopeful ☺ Swimming i still struggle with, it depends on your injury and your swimming competence/technique.

    Good luck with the weight loss ☺

  • The swimming thing I agree with you Anna, I used to love it but I have a problem with lumbar lordosis/ anterior pelvic tilt and breast stroke makes it much worse. I never learnt to front crawl which might be better but one length and I'm a breathless rubbery leg mess!

    Hello littlelolly40, have you had any advice from a physio? They would know what exercise you could do that would help not hinder your condition 😀

  • I'm waiting for a physio appointment Fran. As for swimming I see many people in the pool who just walk up and down the pool or jog, swim with a float, do exercises in the pool etc

  • You feel vulnerable, and you do need to be cautious at an early stage. Your physio will explain that when you've gotten over the acute stage it will be okay to begin to train your back. At that stage, consulting a trained instructor that does resistance training is advisable.

    When the time is right it should only take days to start to rebuild the strength in your muscles, but in the beginning one of the most important exercises you can perform is that of restraint. Eventually you will be up to doing exercise classes, but doing 'ballistic' exercise, involving jerking movements, will be of little benefit to a back problem, and may risk more harm. That doesn't mean you should develop a hang up, and resign yourself to never doing anything like that; just learn to walk before you can run.

  • Hi Anna, Yoga will be fantastic for your back, make sure the instructor is aware of your health problems and don't try to do too much too soon, enjoy your class x

  • Thank you Dawn63 😊 I had a chat with her before I signed up. It's a combination of yoga and Pilates and I'm quite excited 😊 I wouldn't have had the confidence to go to a class before I lost weight 😊😊😊

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