American: dietary guidelines

American: dietary guidelines

The USA guidelines (see the short guide below) includes recommendations for both food and exercise - 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity plus muscle-strengthening on 2 or more days.

A link to the visual in the post:


You might also want to look at the 'My Plate' website - you could spend a week on the site :

A link to a short guide:

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8 Replies

  • I'll certainly take a look at both, as it'll be interesting to see what the Australian and American nutrition organisations recommend, in addition to observing whether it differs from our own DoH.

  • I'm just translating a bit of the French guidelines which are very similar to the UK's but more dairy (three per day), big emphasis on drinking water and reducing salt and sugar.

  • Good stuff, Angusina. I'll have a look to see if I can find information on what the Italian Government recommends.

  • Excellent - I've got the UK and French one in hand - I was going to see if I could find the one for India - they must have concerns with rapidly rising T2 diabetes.

  • I've found a link to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN:

    The website has provided a link to a PDF on an eastern Mediterranean diet:

  • Thanks I'll come back to this tomorrow - starting to flag a bit! I suspect these are all derivatives of WHO guidelines - ha - no mention of alcohol in the French guidelines - USA guidelines state one alcohol drink max per day for woman!

  • You've no doubt had a busy day, so your sense of fatigue is wholly understandable, Angusina. As for the absence of alcohol from the majority of 'official guidelines', despite the purported benefits of flavonoids contained by the red grape variety, for example, it's of little surprise.

  • Really interesting Angusina ☺ thank you for doing this

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