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Feeling good

I planned my eating today, since I had a meeting to go to and I was not working from home which is a safe place. I made sure that I used my food flask and brought my lunch with me. It felt great, It felt like I was in control of me and my eating.

I am a happy girl (Woman) it has been a good day.

I hope it has been a good day for others and I will write tomorrow, this writing has been good for me.


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Well done, it's good to feel in control. I've a meeting tomorrow lunch so will follow your advice and take some good eating along with me


I know what you mean about home being safe. I plan my really low calorie days when at home and exercise so as a minimum I do that and then try my best on the other days. Lots of ideas on this site. Find keep trying new things to find what works with food and exercise as we are all different. Don't give up and keep believin...


Yes I found packed food and flask helps plus my food is tastier 😜


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