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New year better health!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum and really want to make some important changes this year to improve my general health and wellbeing.

I've really packed on the weight in the last year and weighed in this morning at 12st 10!

At 5ft 2in this isn't great for my health considering I'm asthmatic.

My main issue is eating healthier options and planning my meals as I actually enjoy going to the gym but due to work, study and family commitments I usually eat what's convenient rather than what's healthy.

Hopefully using this forum will help me to remain focused and I look forward to sharing my experience.


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Hi, I'm new here too and could of written your post myself even down to the 12st 10lb which is exactly what I am too! Good luck to you hun i'll be following you with interest x


Hi Rachel,

The weight just creeps up when you least expect it, but really need to make a start and get it under control.

Thanks for the encouragement x


Good luck with your journey too x


Hi Mimi.

I've actually done what people suggest and got rid of all my 'bad food' and replaced it with healthier options, I actually prefer it to the processed, high sugar, bad food.

I cook healthy food in large batches so it can be frozen and reheated when needed with very little effort.

I am also hoping that this forum will help with my focus and I look forward to sharing it.

Good luck on your journey! x


Thanks Amieh,

That's a good idea cooking large batches as there are times when I'm so tired I end up making bad choices.

Thanks for the advice x

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Hi Mimi, welcome to the forum. :)

You can lose the extra weight and we here will try to help you keep motivated by encouraging you, listening to you and when asked for help with advise and the like. :)

Good luck!!

Sazkia ♥


Thanks Sazkia,

good to know as I'm sure there will be some tough days ahead and a few tears before I reach my goal.

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Hi Mimi,

Welcome! I'm new too. I'm about 5ft 2in as well. also unhealthy weight for my height. Can totally relate to your problem. Enjoy going to gym, but healthy eating is a lot work/preparation. my understand of this issue is by means professional, but through a lot of reading and personal experience. my conclusion is: I have to put myself first, my healthy first whenever I can, when life gets in the way, it's hard, very hard, but whenever possible, I try to put my physical and mental wellbeing first, take time plan and prepare my diet and exercise. coz when my health falls apart, my life falls apart!

Good luck!



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