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Baby steps

01/01/17 :: Well, It is my first day after my "Resolution" to finally do it.

But, things were initially not in my favor u can say. All our friends from school, decided to get together today after a long time (7 years). So, obviously we went to eat out and the likes. And I absolutely love chicken and can never refuse it. So, there I go. I had ordered a Sprite, even before I registered what I have done.

But the silver lining comes in the form of delayed conscious I think. For the first time ever I was able to control my craving for chicken. Saying I left some of the order un-eaten at the restaurant, granted I have already eaten till there is no space in my tummy. Previously I would have even somehow eaten the remaining part too. For at least stopping there, I am way too glad. And I didn't even drink more than 2 sips of my drink. And I walked for extra 4kM. THAT I call a success. :D :D

Certainly baby steps. I am happy with my self.

Then I go eating the cake. -_- Granted it was home-made, and no cream or frosting of sorts. but still!!!

A long way to go, I suppose.

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Perhaps, but face one challenge at a time, since Rome wasn't built in a day.

By focusing upon the day-to-day, chiefly the maintenance of a calorie deficit, the gradual reduction of refined carbohydrate and increasing levels of activity, everything will begin to fall into place along the way.


I agree Dramoine ☺ success is the result of lots of small changes, well done on controlling yourself the way you did ☺

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