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Hi, I'm rem1977 and I'm new on here. I'm your typical yo yo dieter and need to sort out my life long habits once and for all to get back to a healthy weight and level of fitness. Snacking in the evening is my biggest weakness.

I feel like I know what I should be eating and doing to live a healthy life. I just don't seem to be able to follow through and stick to it.


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  • Read my post:"pertains to all". Sounds as it might be what you need to figure yourself out. Good wishes for a smaller you!

  • Rem77 , your post was the first to appear for me I've just signed up.

    I could have written it!

    I mirror your actions on weight loss control.

    I hope this time to conquer my yo yo and evening over eating, after a day of self control achievement. I go and consciously ruin my healthy eating day.

  • Day 1 together

  • Snap. I know WHAT to do, I just can't. But tomorrow I'm starting again and I mean it this time. My family all think I can't do it because it's happened so many times before. This time though, that is making me more determined to succeed. Good luck x

  • Day 1 together

  • Hello Rem1977 and also CeliaKate 😊 Welcome to the weight loss forum

    I agree with you, I always told people it wasn't lack of knowledge keeping me fat! Lol 😊

    However, there are things you can learn which may help. Please read the newbies post, and also check your BMI and target calories. This is often more than you would expect, and dieticians no longer recommend reducing calories too drastically, in fact, suggest that eating enough to prevent hunger and cravings is better for long term success 😊

    I also read lots of blogs and have done lots of work on my head, the psychology of it all, getting to grips with why I overeat. 😊

    This forum is great, very friendly and supportive so be active, get involved and reply to other posts, it's really helpful 😊

    Best wishes

  • Thanks Anna61

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