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i need motivation


i just started days ago and i have lots of cravings there and zero power ... any tips for motivation or things to follow to keep myself on track please ?

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Hello mona and welcome to the forum.

Although you may have a goal weight that you'd like to reach, by simply focusing upon the day-to-day, chiefly, the maintenance of a calorie deficit, the gradual reduction of refined carbohydrate, in favour of complex sources and the increased uptake of exercise, within a few weeks you'll hopefully feel far more optimistic about your chances of succeeding.

If you've not already done so, take a look at the NHS 12 Week Plan, since it'll provide you with an idea of the kind of food that ought to be consumed and that which shouldn't.

Additionally, it benefits from a BMI calculator, allowing you to calculate recommended minimum and maximum calorie allowances, individual to your current measurements and level of activity.

By maintenance of a daily calorie deficit from recommended maximum (ensuring that the deficit introduced doesn't take you below recommended minimum), the body will be encouraged to expend calories, stored in fat existing fat, to fuel daily activity.

With each reduction of 7-10lbs, since the body will weigh less than it did at the outset, you should re-assess your numbers, as fewer calories will be required to satisfy minimum calorie recommendation. Furthermore, by knowing your numbers, the risk of the dreaded plateau is also reduced.

Most importantly, though, don't be disheartened if weekly weight loss only amounts to 2-3lbs per week, since over 10,000Kcal will have been expended through a mixture of calorie reduction and increased activity.

Moreover, those weekly losses will soon begin to amount towards something rather more substantial, helping to maintain your enthusiasm and motivation, further assisted by a clearly visible improvement in body composition.

Although you may consider that you can't do this, rest assured, you can.


Whatever you follow you need to enjoy or your likelihood of losing body-fat is, erm, slim.

Have up to 130 grammes of carbs each day from sustained energy sources such as above-ground vegetables, whole milk, sweet potato, peas, lentils, beans (from dry; not baked beans or broad beans), barely-ripe banana, berries, citrus fruits (only one or two portions of fruit per day; it's a 'healthier' dessert), sweetcorn, whole oats, quinoa or bulgur wheat.

A small amount of protein, such as meat, poultry, game, fish, seafood, eggs and cheese at most meals.

The balance of meals then comes from natural fat, either ingested such as meat fats, skin, crackling, duck/goose fat, coconut, avocado, full-fat dairy, nuts, and olive oil, or body-fat; enough to facilitate a one or two pound body-fat loss each week.

Increase natural fat intake for one or two weeks each month to maintain weight, then reduce the portion to resume weight-loss again.

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