Christmas diet holt

Christmas is such a bad time to be on a weight loss diet and for someone weak like myself it's a real test of focus.

I think I'm just eating less than I used to and saying more "not for me thank you" than I used to to hold back the weight regain.

Being realistic I think this is my best Christmas diet solution and then when all the pies and sweeties have been eaten I'll be back on track to the weight loss plan for the thinner me. x

Everyone I hear from on this site appear to be so sensible it makes me wonder how they managed to get over weight in the first place if they all know all the answers. x


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  • Its not easy at all

    Seriously I bet if you asked every single one on this forum - nobody will be finding it easy because most of us here are real foodies and we joined here for support and thats how we're getting our answers because as you say we wouldn't be here otherwise ☺

    At Christmas everyone puts extra on its normal, just we have to work extra harder at being possitive and keeping sensible, it's only a few weeks and the main thing to losing weight is the mentality and exercise as much as what we're putting in our santa bellies ho ho ho

  • It's good to have a strategy over Christmas, it's whatever works for you. A lot of us on here have been working at losing weight for a while, so, if we sound 'sensible', it's because we have learnt so much about food and about ourselves from all the advice and support we get on here. My strategy is to have a bit of whatever I fancy but seriously watch the portion size! Have a lovely Christmas 😊

  • I know just how you feel Yveybeslim , I worked really hard for three months to lose about a stone and a half, but since the dark winter weather set in, I have found it much harder to keep focussed. I am doing my best to steer a path, still eating my usual healthy meals but I am allowing myself to have the occasional Christmassy treat. I have put on a few pounds already, but I am just accepting this as I know I will find it easier to get focussed again in the new year.

    As for all sounding so sensible, I think the people on this forum really want to lose weight and get a lot of support from posting on here, and so tend to sound very positive. You wlll see people struggling at times, we all do!

    Enjoy the festive season, and see you in the New Year! :-)

  • Christmas is definitely more difficult and I'm glad you have a strategy in place, 😊 Good planning definitely helps 😊

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