Loving it

Loving it

Hi Everyone,

Hope people are feeling as good as I do now. Normally I moan and groan about getting dressed up and going out for meals, even more moans about putting Christmas decs up and even worse clothes shopping.

Now I can't wait to get dressed up even if to go shopping, looking forward to putting my dec's up Monday and have informed my family that money to purchse clothes would be appreciated.

Reason well October 2015 I weighted in at 10st 3lb, size 18 clothes and bmi 28. Today I weigh in at 8st 5lb, bmi 20 and size 10 clothes (well once I finished toning my tummy abit more they will fit more comfy) but tops are fitting nicely. Eaten more but watch my cals, carbs and fat. Hard work at the gym without a trainer. But have hired a trainer now to tone up learn to maintain weight.

I still look at the mirror and see the fat woman but I put the clothes on and push out my mind and see how nice it is on. Even make up and nail polish on. My husband said ' He has not seen me so confident in a very very long time'

Yes it has been a hard and long journey but worth it. Yes some people (my sister and her lovely husband) tried to put me off by some nasty remarks esp when I started to wear size 12 clothes "You look anorexic, need medical help something wrong with your head addicted the gym and are you having an affair". After hearing it for the 4 time my reply was " Not anorexic just healthy, nothing wrong with my head, no affair, it is not my fault your both big and refuse to take advantage of your Dr's offer of free offer of gym/trainer free on the NHS". You don't like tough." They have not commented since.

Hope that others feel this good soon.

Nephews Wedding this September

Good luck to all


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15 Replies

  • Fabulous post 😊 Very well done Wendy, I bet you look gorgeous 😊💄👠👗

  • Congratulations Wendy, all your hard work has paid off - you enjoy it

  • Hi Wendy,

    What a fantastic post, your happiness shines through, so happy for you💐🍾💃💋. What an inspiration, enjoy every moment.


  • Wow! Well done you, that's ace news.

    I hope I weigh the same as you one day.

    As for the rude remarks, well.... I guess a little jealousy may have crept in. But well done you for soldiering on through it all.

    Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful new figure.

  • Well done what about a picture. Love a winner 😀

  • HI Wendy,

    Wow, you look really lovely!!! :-) Slim and beautiful. It's been great to read your update post, and you are going to look amazing at your Nephew's Wedding in September.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Looking good. Congratulations👏👏👏

  • Well done Wendy you look lovely :)

  • You look fabulous! So glad you stood up for yourself and gave your relatives a piece of your mind. Not surprising that they have not commented as you look so good how could they possibly be negative about you. Great achievement :)

  • Well done you 😀 You look lovely, like you why do people think they have a right to comment , I get so annoyed it is so hard to get to a place where we love ourselves!!!! To maintain is the most difficult good luck x

  • you look really happy & slim in your pic.. well done Wendy you should be very proud of yourself x

  • Wow! what a stunning dress, you look sensational. Can't believe your sister was not supportive. Two of my grandchildren are getting married in 2017, if I look half as good as you do I will feel I have achieved a lot. You are truly an inspiration.

  • You look amazing- strong and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • You look amazing. Well done. Xx. (You know, someone half jokingly suggested that I must be having an affair too because I have lost weight. Not funny is it?)


  • Thanks for all the kind comments. The people on this site are amazing certainly helped me get where I'am today. Thanks

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