weird appetite

Okay, so since the weekend, my appetite has been rather strange - for me anyway.

I used to get the usual morning hunger, lunch hunger, then dinner, so basically hungry all the time. But recently, it's been a bit off. I find myself not majorly hungry in the mornings, so I'll just have like a nature valley bar thing. Then I find I'm not hungry till about 7pm... and hunger literally strikes suddenly, but then goes in a short while, so I'm not hungry again...

I'm not knocking it, as I have eaten less than I would usually, also making sure I stick to 1400-1600 calories.

But today and Tuesday, i probably ate a NV bar at around 9am? I wasn't hungry at lunch, but ate a meal anyway (as I'm doing my fuller meals at lunch time) and just had to have something to eat, just because... Tonight, I am currently not hungry, but forcing myself to eat a tin of asda kids veggie sausages and spaghetti, just so I have something to eat. i'm not going to go down the route of not eating in the evenings, I feel like that would really muck me up.

But I'm just a bit weirded out, that I haven't really changed my diet massively, still eat the same types of food (obv incorporating more veggies etc) but I have completely lost my day time appetite, and like I said, having to just eat, so I actually have meals - plus so I don't end up binging when I'm starving in the evening...

Anyone else experienced this?? Both am and aren't hoping it's a phase, as it's helped to eat a heck of a lot less than I usually would and it's pulling me out of the eating because I'm bored thing too.

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  • Sounds ok to me, good that you eat your larger meal midday, more time to work it off and you will probably sleep better than after a heavy meal in evening. I eat less when I have a few interesting projects on that really makes a difference to me.

  • Hi Waistaway

    You mentioned being on antibiotics in a previous post, it's not uncommon to lose your appetite when you have been ill. Sticking to small meals until you get your appetite back should be ok, but remember to keep drinking.

    If you only want to eat a little, make sure that you are choosing some good quality nutrition. NV bars tend to have a lot of sugar in them, perhaps you could try something like porridge with some fruit added, or some live yoghurt which could help your gut bacteria recover from the antibiotics. Try to make your meals from scratch whenever you can, it should help with your health and weight loss.

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