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Weight loss while pregnant



I had a precious little baby girl 9 months ago and yesterday found out I'm pregnant with number 2 😁

I expect I'm around 5 weeks pregnant.

My BMI is 29.9 so boardering on obese.

I've read it is safe to do slimming world and wondered if it would be ok to lose between 1/5 and 1lb a week throughout my pregnancy?

This means that while I'll lose around 25-35lbs I'll gain probably 14lbs in actual baby weight.

I'd love to come out of the pregnancy healthier and slimmer then I am currently for the sake of my little princess and future prince or princess!

I'm currently 41 years old. I'm 5ft3 and weighing 76.8kg (12stone)



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nteapea1st 7lbs

Good morning little-black-dress congratulations on your wonderful news. In terms of weight loss during pregnancy I think that is definitely something you should discuss with your GP as it could have medical implications that we are not qualified to help you with. Having had 2 pregnancies myself I would really advise you to chat to your GP about safe calories to consume for you and your baby. However I am sure you will get lots of support on here about healthy eating. Good luck and enjoy this time 😀 it is so special to have that little life inside you 😀

Thank you so much for your response - I've actually lost 3kg not realising I was pregnant but just eating really well. I've a lot more to go, 20kg, so I'm hoping I can slowly lose even half that while I'm pregnant 😊


I think you just need to be healthier, nteapea says a midwife should be able to advise you, after all you need no more energy than you normally do, normal, being around the 2,000 cal bracket. Heard if others who've list when pregnant tho, seems entirely possible with the right support too

Itsbab4 stone

I and congratulations on your lovely news🍼🍼

When I had my last child way back I was 14st and watched what I ate throughout the pregnancy so when she was born I was 13.5st I told the miswofe wthat i didn't want to put loads more weight on so under her and the GP's watchful eye I was ok luckily didn't have any other medical conditions something to take into consideration.

Talk to the medical team so they can advise you and keep their eye on you.

Wow that's great news. I thankfully had a really easy pregnancy last year. No morning sickness even, it appears I was quite lucky!

We even have rapid birth in our family so by the time I realised I was in labour my little girl was born just a few hours later 😊

Thank you for your message, it is encouraging for me to read that. I'll speak with my doctor on Tuesday and hopefully she will tell me to stick with the plan I'm doing.

GannyRestart March 2020

Wow what a surprise for you ! As long as you eat your three meals n a couple of snacks I can see no reason that your pregnancy continues with minimal weight gain . Looking forward to hearing how you go !!

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