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Hi all, this is my first post on here but I have been dipping in and out of the posts for a couple of weeks. I've been trying to find the courage - read kick-up-the-behind - that I need to actually stop faffing about and take some serious action. I have about 7 stone to lose to get to my healthy BMI. I was diagnosed as diabetic almost a year ago, and in February had a mini stroke. Last week I turned 48.

I'm scared and completely overwhelmed at what lies ahead. The mountain seems to big to conquer so why bother.

But this week something has shifted. This week a small piece of belief has emerged. This week a reason to try has revealed itself. It's going to be really tough, and I'm going to have some epic slip ups, but I'm determined to try my best.

Think I might need some support folks!


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  • YaY Welcome and Well done on your honest first Post, most of us are dealing with self-belief issues and give up before we even start. Well i'm here to tell you MaggieG68 i believe you can do this and so do all of others on here, it's not going to be easy and as you already said you may slip up now and then but the thing is dont ever give up the fight we are all right with you and will fight in our own way with you.

    All the best on your Journey


  • Hi and welcome - first off I say break it down aim for smaller achievable goals - like to loose 7lbs in 8 weeks then aim for a 1lb loss each week

    Yes it will take time and there will be weeks that you gain (I know I have had them)

    Make sure you measure yourself as well as weigh - as I measured myself on week one and then didn't re measure until week 3/4 as I had lost nothing on the scales that week and was a wee bit disheartened, but measured myself and found I had lost inches

    Loads of help and info on here

    Wishing you all the best on your journey

    Slowly does it, equals keeping it off - burn off too much too quick and you will put it all back on

    All the best on your journey x x

  • Good luck! Welcome to the forum :)

  • Hi Maggie,

    Welcome!!! I'm so glad you've posted your first post here today, and I hope you'll find the support you're looking for here - it's a friendly and supportive place. Do have a look at our Welcome Newbie post, and join in with anything you like the look of in the forum.

    I'm so glad you're feeling some sense of belief in yourself, and that a reason to try has been revealed - and I hope that will grow and blossom and that you will enjoy the week ahead. The NHS 12 week plan is really good, so do have a look at that and see what you think.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi I can't add anything that hasn't already been said by the lovely people on the forum other than to say good luck with your journey you can do this :)

  • I think we all have that " moment" when finally, something changes or shifts, in our thoughts & beliefs about our weight loss, & I believe it is that very moment that has the potential to change us forever!

    Hold onto your moment, and even when there are bumps along the way, never stop thinking about why this time, is different, why this time it's going to work!

    Wishing you success in your weight loss and here's to a "New You" x

  • Hello and welcome, I'm going to be bold and outspoken, you've done well to survive those serious health issues!

    What lies ahead is a tough journey, a do able one too, and one I hope you'll enjoy do a bmi check and bmr ( basic metabolic rate calculator) one too.

    The reality is that those health things will prob get worse without major intervention, we all think ( well I did that we can get away with stuff and be fat and happy) that things are not as bad as they seem.

    Picture yourself at Christmas a few pounds lighter, in a lovely dress, or outfit, looking forward to a slimmer, healthier new year , just hold on to the fact that for every 1lb you lose you are 5lbs lighter on your knees, so even if you only lost 4 lbs ( I'm sure you'll lose more) that us 20 lbs off those knees!

    Please have a plan, it's so easy to guess a portion, portion distortion a very real thing too...............

    Enjoy your journey we are all cheering you on! X

  • Welcome MaggieG68 I am sure you will lots of good and sensible advice in the pinned posts. Do have a look at the Challenges too. They are fun and completely non-judgmental. If you don't understand why we are on cruise ships or have gone dog crazy, just ask. πŸ˜€

    And do think about looking at small targets. Losing 7lbs will make a difference. And there will be days when it is easier than others, but I am not perfect every day.

    It is easy to say, but try not to be scared, and if you are, come here and tell us why so folks can help and support you - my experience is that they certainly will.

  • Well done for posting it is quite nerve wracking isn't it. So this is your first achievement πŸ˜€ see you can make changes you are in control πŸ˜€ it can be hard like others have said but you are already on the path good luck πŸ˜€

  • welcome 😊 plenty of fabulous support on here. Cant add much to what has already been said but I completely agree with Diana - have a plan. Write everything down that you eat. Even the sneaky mouthfuls or tastes. I've been to every weight loss class going but the key for me is calorie counting and portion control. I have to face up to the fact that I can't keep eating and drinking to excess. Factor in a treat now and then and a reward (doesn't have to be edible) for every milestone you achieve. Oh and spend time on the forum - it's a great distraction 😝. Good luck on your journey - we're all here for you!

  • Slowly slowly catchy monkey. small steps lead to a stone and then beyond. (that's what I am telling myself)

  • Welcome to this fantastic forum Maggie. It is brilliant for help, support and motivation. Hope you can join in with the Monday weigh in. Lots of great replies already to your post so you know you are not alone. Just imagine what the view will be like when you get to the top of that mountain you are about to climb! Baby steps and mini goals and remember if you have a slip up then treat it as that and get straight back on track. Its about changing for life not living on a diet. Be kind to yourself, you will get there, best of luck :)

  • Hello MaggieG68 😊

    You have lots of advice here from all the lovely people at HU 😊😊😊

    What made a difference for me this time, after a lifetime of dieting (I've done them all, WW, 1000 calorie diets, Atkins, low fat) was the realisation that I could eat quite a lot and still lose weight 😊 Check your BMR and get a target calorie range, which is often more than you think 😊 Then accept that if you want you be slimmer and healthier this will be a permanent way if eating. 😊 I'm not at a healthy bmi yet (may never get there) but I feel the benefits everyday 😊 Most importantly, I had to have major surgery in August that could have been delayed or made much more serious had I still been the weight I was last summer.

    You are sounding determined and positive, so I feel sure you will do it!! 😊

    Good luck and very best wishes 😊

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