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Tried and tested tips


Okay, so after a couple of weeks, I have decided I am actually going to come off of SW and go this t'ing alone. Long story short, I just feel like I am being told what I can and cannot eat and what I must eat on a daily basis. It's making me feel restrictive and deprived, which I know backfires eventually, so I want to quit whilst I'm ahead. I don't feel comfortable being told by someone who is getting paid to sell a product, what I can and can't eat.

My housemate has lost .5 stone on it already, but it just really isn't working for me. And I think unrealistically, she has had to massively sacrifice her social life for it... Sacrifices are to be expected, but I don't think that's very flexible or enjoyable.

Also with Christmas coming up, I actually want to enjoy it (in moderations of course, not going stupid) and not have to think about how many syns are in my roast parsnips, or whether the potatoes have been done in frylight or not. I think it's just ruining food for me a lot. Or even just a meal when I go to my parents!

So I know a lot of people are on their journey, met their targets or just started; but I was hoping for some of their best tips that have worked for them. You can read all the top tips online, but I feel like hearing them from people who have been through it all and found things that work (I know not everything works for everyone) is far better and possibly get some odd, outside the box tips.

Want to kick my bum in to gear, I would really love to lose at least .5 stone for Chirstmas to get me started - I have a long way to go for the target I've set myself, but I actually want to do it now, I've been saying I want to lose weight for like 4 years, instead I've put on weight and just keep complaining about it - typical.

So what are your tips - I'm thinking of making posters to put up through the kitchen and my room (sure my housemate will love them haha)

I forgot to weigh in this morning, so I'm going to make my weigh in days Tuesday mornings. So I shall weigh, measure and do my photo tomorrow and start a fresh, because my weight is my problem and I'm the only one who can do something about it!!

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi WaistAway,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. I would recommend having a look at our Welcome Newbie post - it's in the Pinned posts area, and it will give you lots of tips that past and present members of the forum have made, and it's definitely worth a read to orientate you to what is going on.

Do join in with anything you like the look of. Maybe join us for the Monday group weigh-ins. You'd be very welcome.

The NHS 12 week plan is really good, so may be worth a look - to see what you think.

Wishing you success with your goals.

Lowcal :-)

The final spur for me to seek help was when I ate a whole giant pack of chocolate bars from Sainsburys one evening in a very short time. I wished I hadn't done that. I was always hungry and wanting cake and biscuits, even after a meal. What I have done now is realise that if I don't eat what I know to be obvious things stacked with sugar, then I can minimise the craving to do so and I feel and look better and lose excess weight. I am amazed that I have lost a stone in a short time, to be honest, but I have.

I like the idea of the NHS swaps thing, and what has worked for me is a bit of doing that and making absolutely sure I eat protein to last me through the day. I eat fruit when I would in the past have had a slice of cake, for instance.

I still find evenings a bit hard, but last night I ate a grapefruit, instead of raiding the cupboards, and found it amazingly sweet and juicy - took ages to eat as well so kept me very occupied. I also get a bit bored with the same types of food, so make sure I get as much variety as possible.

I also try not to think of all this as a diet, but a change to more healthy eating and think it is about making better choices rather than eating something someone else is telling you to do.

I also watched that programme on TV about dieting for love and thought to myself if those people can do it so successfully for 10 weeks, then so can I.

nac1502 stone

I'm in the last week of the NHS 12 week plan and have lost just over a stone which I'm pleased about. It's been slow but I have had a week's holiday, my birthday and a few days away in that time, in the past those events would have put me off being on a plan but the combination of being part of this forum, using MyFitness pal to count/log calories has made it all seem so much easier. I have 3 more stone to go but I feel confident I will get there next year and will have healthy eating habits installed. Life has to go on and celebrations come and go you get used to estimating calories and making healthy choices and adjusting your calories on the days either side of any indulgences!

I had tried SW WW and other plans but never with the belief I could really do it, this time its different. So join the forum, sort your calorie allowance - NHS BMI calculator helps with that - and enjoy.

All the best.

I do like your "logo" - Be stronger than your excuses. It's a great thing to remember , and that's coming from someone who is an excuse whizz, so that helps me.

Incidentally, I use Frylight, although found it very difficult to find in shops. It's very good. Hardly any calories.


Hello Hidden 😊

I was lucky to take part in a dietitian led scheme run by my local hospital, and when I received the eating plan I retorted "I'll never lose weight eating that much" but I have. So my biggest tip is don't reduce your calories too much, work out your BMR and find your target calories, and then plan in regular treats, birthdays etc 😊

After a lifetime of yo yo dieting I have been on plan for almost a year and half, and although my weight I static at the moment (long story) I'm still here, plugging away, losing weight slowly but enjoying life and enjoying my food. 😊 I think you have explained it very well, life is for living, and with a bit of common sense, calorie awareness and portion control anything is possible. 😊

Good luck and very best wishes

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