I give up

hello i'm Tracey 50 and i live in North Devon, i have limited movement after having back surgery 12 yr ago with left me limited. Ive tried a few diets and they havent worked for me.This is not helped by my 68 tablets a day for server back and leg pain. Ive tried slimming world but we not liking veg or salad very much this failed as you need to eat alot for speed i didnt really understand slimming world either. i tried the jane plan but found food very thick very spicey (burnt my tongue) trying to get refund from them as we speak. ive been contacted over trying herbalife also juiceplus. Ive tried doing it alone by having smoothies which worked for 2 weeks then the weight lost stopped. what works for you Guys? kind regards Tracey x


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  • Hi Tracey, sounds quite awful with the pain you are experiencing. I would suggest you forget about all those strange diets and instead work on changing your eating habits for life. The NHS 12 week plan will take you through every step and I know it works. Many in this forum are using it with great success. Have a look at the Welcome Newbie post on your right.

  • thankyou, ive started my own diet again of porrige/smoothie/ and small meal tea time no treats so far lost 2lb since last week :)

  • I agree with PippiRuns, the nhs12 week plan worked for me. The only restriction is total calories, so you can eat meals you enjoy and gradually change to a healthier way of eating that you will want to keep for life. It does include exercise, but will still work if you are unable to do the recommended amount, the nhs BMI calculator will give you the calorie range you should be aiming for as an inactive person. My second suggestion would be to make full use of this forum, for me it is the constant source of infomation, encouragement, support, feedback, friendship and inspiration that has led to me losing 4 stone.

  • thankyou for your reply, i cant seem to find the bmi calculator on site x

  • Hi

    Perhaps with 68 tablets a day for your terrible pain you should be asking your gp if he could help you out with perhaps the pain clinic and a dietician ??

    Sorry if you have already gone down this route )

  • pain management cant help anymore, i have to face the fact my spine is deteriorating, im awaiting dietcian appointment x

  • Don't give up - there is so much help and encouragement on here - have a careful look through the 12 week plan and make a start by writing down everything that you eat along with its calories - try and include some fruit or veg with each meal and increase that as you go along - the BMI calculator will give you a range of calories to aim to keep to each day and you may be very surprised how much you can actually eat - good luck, we're all behind you

  • thankyou for your reply, im going to take a look, i love my fruit, just cant eat it of a evening i suffer acid reflux and heart burn/ intergustion, but through day i can eat what i like thankyou for ur kind words x

  • Never give up

    I live in South Devon, we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful county.

    Think possitive thoughts make sure you eat good healthy nutrious fresh food as much as you can I did slimming world and now I must admit still stick to a lot of their principles they do advocate cooking meals from scratch (or cooking in advance and freezing it ) I try not to use the jars or packets but I do like my fruit and veg (Are there any you do like?) its just for me it was awkward keeping to meeting times so I looked online and found this great forum

    Pain I know is horrible my mum suffered such a lot. She had so many different forms of arthritis partly because of her weight yet she hardly ever moaned about it. Try think possitively I've just started the possitivity challenge and believe me I have had down days we all do !

    Hope I'm not sounding too bossy or preachy 😦

  • thankyou for your lovely reply, ive lost 2lb since last week, feeling postive x

  • The 5:2 diet worked for me. 2 days every week I limit my calories to 500/600 a day. The other 5 days I eat my normal diet. Not only did I lose weight I also improved my cholesterol levels. I have lost just over 2st so far and although I am now in 8/10 clothes I am hoping to lose about half a stone more. Good luck with your weight loss.

  • well done you, thats brillant to hear, to be fair im quite thick when trying to work things out, thats why i joined slimming world hoping to make a friend or 2 that could help me understand it better, but that never happened i just weigh myself once a week now and lost 2lb this week yayyyy x

  • We're on the 8 week low sugar diet with Micheal Mosely the BBC Dr/Journalist using optifast first and I've lost over 2 stone so far.

    I met a guy yesterday who's lost 7 stone in 10 weeks 😮

    You need will power and determination they are free, set your mind to it and you will achieve it.

  • wow brillant news do you have a link for me to check it out sounds like a good plan? x

  • You certainly have my sympathy! I had cauda equina syndrome in 2012 and am now disabled, with nerve damage in my left leg and saddle area. I have a lot of pain but I find some exercise has improved it. I have been doing physio twice a day since the surgery. I can't walk much but I love my wheelchair - it's made life a bit more normal again.

    I've lost 2.5 stones since May, largely through the 12 week NHS choices plan. It is mainly about calories. My husband has also been doing it with me and he's lost a bit more than me. It does help, doing it together, especially as he does all the cooking (I can't until we get the kitchen adapted).

    I hope you find something that works for you.

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