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Hi all, I'm Steve, 45 - been a yo-yo dieter for the last 15 years I'd say. My weight has ranged from 16st 3 to 12st 13. Dragged myself down from my max weight shortly after my 40th birthday and since then have seem myself creep back up to 14st 3. Recognising the signs, I need to get motivated to diet and looking for some ideas for meal plans - my wife is also on board with this, looking forward to sharing my journey with you - I would love to get down to 13st over the next few months.

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Hi Steve, you have come to a good place for support, the folk here are brilliant. I'm not admin but here is a link to a "newbie" post which has lots of useful info to read through if you feel so inclined...


Also, there is a Monday weigh in every week, split in two halves, morning session and then the afternoon/evening session. I think it stays open until some time on a Friday for those who have a different weigh day, so that everyone gets a chance to join it. You just turn up and post your loss/gain for the week, it's that simple.

I've been here just over a year, and I had a good start but other health issues over the last few months saw me stagnate, however I've come back to the forum and am ready to keep going on the journey now, so I feel kind of qualified to tell you that this place is totally motivating and full of supportive, non-judgmental people! Even if you have been away, you are welcomed back with open arms, it's a very good place to be.

It sounds like you are pretty much in control, in that you recognise when things are starting to slide and know that you need to address them before they get too far out of your comfort zone. I don't know how tall you are, but if you are around 6 feet then 13 stone sounds like a perfectly healthy target to me. I'm 6'1 and I'm aiming for 13.5 stone just to get healthy again but I'm a long way off yet. I guess it may be slightly different for men and women, but I know that 13.5 is the upper range for my height as a woman. It sounds like you already know what is your healthy weight for your height anyway, so very good luck, check in here from time to time and have a read of the posts, and I'm sure you will find it inspiring! :-)

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Hi SteveDisco and welcome to the forum. WeightWarrior has explained about the Monday weigh in and given a link to the newbie thread so I can only add a couple of things.

Firstly please feel free to join in any of the challenges (under 'Pinned Posts') they are fun and motivating. Also you may want to take your measurements as sometimes when the scales aren't being kind, you may still lose inches.

I wish you every success on your journey to good health and hope to see you around on the forum 😄

Mouse 🐭


Good luck Steve (and Mrs Steve) you'll reach your goal before you know it. Take a look at the Welcome Newbies post on the pinned posts section full of helpful advice .......

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Hello and welcome 😊 Nothing to add to the advice received just want to reiterate how useful this forum is 😊 Good luck and best wishes


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