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I'm new here

Hi everyone- I've been trying to lose weight for some time now, did ok for a while- was 115kg back in June 2016, now 98kg and really need to get down to 58kg, but have lost motivation and need help to get back on track- just feel so tired and down, it's really hard to get going again 😞 Any encouragement would be wonderful πŸ™‚

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Wow, you've done fantastic so far, Ii was 113.8 in March.. and I'm a bit inconsistent and haven't got down anywhere near you yet... you're definitely heading the right way. Keep it up cos you've done brilliantly!!!

Im about to go weigh in for the Monday weigh in thread...fingers crossed I've lost again


Good morning welcome to the forum. It is hard to stay motivated over a long period of time. You will find lots of encouragement on here. Check out the pinned post for newbies to the right of the screen or bottom if you are using a phone. It gives lots of helpful information. You are in time for the Monday weigh in as well. It is will appear today otherwise follow moreless and lowcal to see it. There are normally quite a few challenges going on as well so keep posting and it will help your motivation. I wish you luck and determination πŸ˜€

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Good morning lizzybee67 😊

What works for me is telling myself I'm not on a diet but trying to eat for optimum health and nutrition 😊 Try to focus on all the lovely foods I can eat, and plan nice tasty meals and an exercise routine 😊 This helps the tiredness and improves my mood 😊 Good luck 😊

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