Unstable Angina /Beta Blocker Update

Well, it's still fairly early days but nine days since the diagnosis and daily beta blockers I feel a bit perkier. The symptom of feeling more tired is still there, but otherwise my breathing is better and so I'm not feeling so anxious. I can't walk as fast as before and the hills are a bummer, but I can at least walk for an hour or so on the flat.

This week we're looking after stepson's little dog while he's on holiday. Stella is a very well behaved West Highland Terrier and we've just had a very nice walk around the park. Tomorrow we're taking her for a longer romp at Stourhead Estate.

So far no weight gain, but I've set my calorie level to Maintenance /Low Activity , which for me is 1470 a day. Will see how things go.


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13 Replies

  • Hi Elliebath,

    I'm glad you're feeling better in yourself now:)

    I'm also glad that you're also able to walk for an hour or so.

    Enjoy looking after Stella :)

    Have a great week - wishing you well,

    Rob :D

  • Thank you Rob 😊 You too!

  • Glad to hear things are going well. Keep updating us especially if it's helping you keep things in check during the transition period. Do you expect the tiredness to ease off soon? Take care and enjoy your walks :) 🌳🍂🍃🌿🍁🌲

  • Well, Im on a low dose but I can feel my metabolism has slowed down. The tiredness may well continue. I'll have to just adapt to that as best as I can. I'm seeing the consultant on Thursday so I just hope he's happy with things and doesn't want to increase the dosage. I keep reminding myself this may not be perfect but its my first "illness" in 64 years so thats not so bad....and the alternative would not be desirable 😁

  • Sorry to hear about your recent illness elliebath , must have been a very worrying time . Sounds as though you are getting back to being able to do things again which is good. It is still early days and hopefully you will be able to do more as time goes on. Wishing you well anyway.

  • Thank you for that. Yes bu it is probably a condition for life so just have to manage it,.... as many others do.

  • Hi, pleased you are doing ok and the medication is helping. Great that you can still enjoy walking. Take care x

  • Thanks Caz 😊

  • Glad you are feeling a little better 😊 You will get better at hills I'm sure!

    Best wishes

  • Hi I am glad you are feeling a little better and not had any side effects from the medication. It is no wonder you were feeling anxious even taking the medication would make me anxious anyway.

    Hope you enjoy having the little Westie to stay, we had one many years ago lost him 16 years back but we still find little things he used to bury in the garden he was a devil for that lol.

    Hope the weather stays dry so you can enjoy a daily walk. Look after yourself. 💐 Bev

  • Glad you are starting to feel better. Long may it continue. I just love westies. The ones I've known have always had minds of their own. We nicknamed our neighbours little one " the duchess". Any walk had to go in the direction Lindy fancied or she just stood stock still till my neighbour gave in to what she wanted.

  • Thanks Bev, Anna and wa2un7 . Taking dog off for a good walk at Stourhead estate today, around the lake and woods, mostly flat and not too arduous for me.

  • Hi glad your doing well , I had H A back in March started to get angina attacks straight after stent fitted here we are 10 months down the line and still having angina attacks struggle with hill , and flat sometimes , have been read mitten twice since , just angina they say due to some damage or something , am on tregegralor twice a day , Ramipril, once a day , Nicorandil 20 mg twice a day , Nicorandil 10 mg twice a day , 80 mg statin once a day Asprin once a day , Amlodipine ,5mg once a day , lansoprazole 30 mg once a day , some good days and some really bad days , but something you have to live with , well done you just slowly slowly don't over do it ,terry new here

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