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End of week one

So this is the end of my first week doing the 12 week plan. I didn't realise how nervous it would make me to switch from slimming world, where you don't have to weigh anything and I only had to count the "syns", to weighing and measuring everything. I felt constantly like I was doing this wrong every day and double/triple checked the calories in everything with constant workings out, worrying every time I ate anything that calorie counting wasn't going to work for me and I'd end up with a huge gain today.

I'm hoping now that my first week has been a bit of a success, that I'll relax and trust my counting skills next week. :) I didn't do much exercise this week either as I've been struggling with this quite severe pain in my side/back which has dwindled my exercise down to a bit of a walk at lunch time and one 20 minute ride on the exercise bike.

In my first week I have lost 1.4lbs :) I am now 15st 0.4lbs and I just can't wait to be in the 14's. I was hoping this would be what happened today, but not quite - at least it's something to look forward to next week! And as I'll be back to upping my exercise, I hope I'll get a similar (maybe slightly bigger!) number next week. :)

And hooooray! It's almost the weekend! :) Happy Friday everyone!

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Well done losing weight using your own calorie counting. See, you can do it. You will have a 14 at the start of your weight by next week. Keep going and just think how much you are saving in weekly membership fees. Xx


Well done for keeping going, despite not feeling 100%.....just think every pound off is the weight of two packets of butter that your poor back and knees no longer has to carry!

Don't forget there are some useful Apps out there to make your life easier - look at MyfitnessPal (free) and Nutracheck (£7 a month - it certainly helped me) for taking the strain out of calorie counting. It gets easier, I promise.


Glad you're seeing results! :)

I never thought, 7 months ago, I would have lost very nearly 3 stone. You did the same thing I did, try it out and see where you get. Imagine my surprise when it started working! I also found counting calories to be daunting at first, but now I'm feeling that I've got the hang of it. I've also found that Google is invaluable! :)

Have a great weekend. :D


Hi Kinbun,

Congratulations on losing 1.4 pounds in your first week on the NHS 12 week plan, that is fantastic!!! :-) You're on the cusp of the 14's now, wow! :-)

Happy Friday!!!

Lowcal :-)


I'm very excited to see the 14's! I'm using it as motivation for the week ahead :) thanks for your support!


Very well done Hidden 😊 You must have been doing something right after all!! Lol 😊 It is a lot to take in when you first start but it soon becomes second nature 😊 you are doing great 😊😊😊


Thank you :)


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