Stupid News = Determination!!

So, I've woken up with a cough and a cold (a bit of a downer after such a happy Monday) and the radio decided to brighten my day by telling me that this is the "lightest" I will be for the rest of the year. I've found this article which pretty much sums it up:

What utter rubbish :o I will not be part of this trend! And we should all rebel against it and prove this news wrong. So.. it's made me want to lose loads of weight to prove them wrong, which is one positive.

And I noticed it also mentions that on average it takes up to 5 months to lose holiday weight! :o I spent all year beating myself up about it taking me half of the year to lose my Christmas-gain, but this is NORMAL. A bit of a relief in one way - but also fills me with dread.

I will NOT spend half of 2017 trying to lose the weight I gain over Christmas. So there.


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13 Replies

  • I'm planning to lose weight over Christmas. There'll be more going on to take my mind off the hunger.

  • Good for you, Kinbun. I totally agree with you!

    Only you forgot to stick your tongue out at them! :P


  • A useful analogy is that if you want to conduct the orchestra you have to turn your back on the audience.

  • Good for you, there is no reason with strong willpower we cannot lose weight throughout any celebratory period or at least maintain if you want the odd treat here and there.

    You are in control of you ignore such utter rubbish and get on with your life.

    I try not to read anything anymore that starts on a negative note as I don't need it go for positivity all the way and you will a happier lady.

    Best wishes Bev

  • That's very true, Bev. There's absolutely no point in letting people start you off on a bad note! :)

  • I'm with you, lets prove them wrong so we can all enjoy a chorus of nah nah na nah nah ...

  • What utter nonsense............if you choose to indulge, then do so mildly, ok I gained 2lbs in June, after a week with my brothers, the weight came off a month later ( OK so I overate afterwards too).

    I don't get a fix out of food like I used to, I think last year I had 6 mince pies in total, totally ok, I don't drink, smoke or eat much sugary food, it's one holiday period.

  • While attempting not to play devil’s advocate, I think that the article does carry some merit.

    Without even contemplating the festive excess, the changing seasons invariably influence eating habits and behaviour, with some creating unwanted weight gain.

    Although autumn happens to be the most alluring of seasons (it’s certainly my favourite), with its crisp blue skies, cooling climate and golden sunlight that dazzles, without even mentioning the glorious shades of red, gold and brown, the season also heralds another change.

    With its arrival, we start getting fat again.

    The natural vitality, that the summer months encourage, begins to disappear. The shorter days and weakness of the sun’s rays also affect our ability to receive the recommended helping of vitamin D, ultimately affecting energy levels; the emergence of winter clothing from the back of the wardrobe doesn’t help matters either, other than to mask the increasing bulge.

    Rather than choosing to venture to the gym, cosy pubs (particularly those with crackling fires) become a far more inviting way to spend those dark evenings and the consumption of colourful salads is replaced with highly calorific dishes that are synonymous with the time of year.

    I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

    So, how do you avoid the winter blues that can leave you without the energy or the inclination to remain on track, leaving you desperately unhappy (with increased weight gain) when the new-year comes around?

    The answer rests in choosing foods that are naturally high in vitamin D in order to stimulate the production of serotonin, a hormone that helps to regulate mood, ensuring that the inclination to step out and exercise is still possessed, even though you’d rather remain indoors where it’s nice and warm.

    As previously mentioned, the lack of natural sunlight in winter months severely affects the body’s ability to receive its preferred source of vitamin D, leading to deficiencies amongst many.

    As such, it must be obtained from oily fish (salmon is the best source), milk, eggs and mushrooms, for example, so ensure that these continue to be included in your diet, particularly if you'd prefer to receive it naturally.

    Additionally, if you happen to suffer from SADS (as I used to), increasing intake of vitamin D may just help to ensure that this winter you don’t.

  • Well I happen to disagree, summer, my fav season, can be tempting with icecream and sugary cocktail drinks ( or whatever).

    I think healthy warming food is fab, these days you can buy peppers, tomatoes and summer veg all year round too ( and if course frozen too). And of course great 'root' veg.

    Lots of hot herbal tea, soups and stuff, I think it's prob easier to lose weight in winter myself.

    We do need to seek sunlight and cheer too

  • Planning your time so that there is no temptation to be affected by SAD and resort to the pub etc. Every time we eat out now I wish I had been better organized and cooked because most places you pay a fortune for rubbish food, it is difficult to eat out healthily and not get tempted by desserts !! I hate winter and it is hard to do the same as in summer when it is dark. Creative hobbies help as you get the feel good factor when you achieve something new.

  • Hobbies are great. Im learning crochet (slowly cos its hard!) And id like to take up card making again. Also i know its obvious but anyone who gets down in winter, aswell as people with actual SAD, i think would benefit from a lightbox. I got a budget one off amazon that is perfect, if anyone is interested ill send you the link. I find even if im just feeling a bit flat, they cheer you up.


  • I think it does happen if you are not focused on what you are eating I don't think you can let up the constant checking otherwise it does slowly creep on . I reached goal may 24th this year and I have been trying to keep there all summer I am 2.75 lb up on that lowest point. As soon as I reached goal that was it I started having a cake here and there and it went back on. Basically people in general do not eat the right food. If you stop and watch people in a shopping center or street most people are overweight and unfit. If you want to be fit and healthy it is a constant battle of mind over matter unfortunately!!! for those of us who like cheesecake and chocolate.

  • Im really going to try my best not to put on weight over xmas, cos i know ill feel so crap if i undo a month of work in one week. I think xmas day i will indulge, but im def not letting myself graze on nuts, chocs, crisps etc before and after. I think thats where the damage is done.

    Christmas dinner is actually not that unhealthy a meal i think- its only maybe the roasties and chipolatas that are high in cals. Im still having chipolatas though 😆 maybe some roasties...

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